Weather Overview
Postponed Delayed
Weather Impact Doubtful
  • 8:08 PM
    HOU at BOS
Possible Delay/Rainout
  • There are no games that fall into this category.
Likely Delay/Rainout
  • There are no games that are likely to be delayed or rained out at this time.
Monday, at 8:08 PM EST
According to, it's expected to be 53° F with a 0% chance of precipitation and 8 MPH wind blowing left to right in Boston at 8:08 PM EST.
Hourly Forecasts:
Partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures are expected for Monday night's ALCS matchup at Fenway Park. A moderate breeze will blow across the diamond from left to right. Overall, weather will not have a significant impact.
9:08 PM
0% Rain 52°  W 8 mph L-R
10:08 PM
0% Rain 50°  W 10 mph L-R
11:08 PM
0% Rain 49°  W 8 mph L-R