Yahoo Friends and Family Draft

This took place today - 14-teams, 5 x5, 1400-IP cap, standard Yahoo! rosters (only 1 catcher, 4 OF, 2 UT). I picked fifth. Here's my squad:

1.5 Giancarlo Stanton - he's the player I liked best on the board, and he wasn't coming back to me. Probably would have been there until about 12 or 13. Took him over Matt Kemp, Andrew McCutchen and Carlos Gonzalez.

2.10. Jason Heyward - took him over David Price, Dustin Pedroia and David Wright.

3.5 Starlin Castro - I don't love Castro, but he seems fairly safe, and I didn't want to take a pitcher outside the top-four this year in a relatively low innings cap league. Took him over Yoenis Cespedes, Paul Goldschmidt and Cole Hamels.

4.10 Aramis Ramirez - I don't love him, either, but he was my top 3B on the board, there was plenty of depth at 1B and OF, and none of the SP were both rock solid and big strikeout options. Took him over Adam Wainwright and Shin Soo Choo.

5.5 C.C. Sabathia - I finally caved in and took a SP. Took him over Jimmy Rollins and Madison Bumgarner.

6.10 Max Scherzer - Big-time strikeout pitcher who plays well in this format. Took him over Kris Medlen and Matt Moore. Just missed out by one pick on Martin Prado who I noticed was SS, 3B, 2B and OF eligible and now playing in AZ. Probably would have taken Prado in Round 4 had I noticed sooner.

7.5 Roy Halladay - Unfortunately, I hadn't yet read the note on how terrible his velocity has been. Took him over Aroldis Chapman after just missing out on Matt Moore whom I prefer to both.

8.10 Justin Morneau - corners are slightly inflated in this format with fewer OF and an extra utility, and they were flying off the board. Took him ahead of Curtis Granderson and Mariano Rivera. (Next CI was David Freese, next 1B was Nick Swisher).

9.5 Mariano Rivera - Almost took him a round earlier. Took him over Chase Utley.

10.10 Ichiro Suzuki - Took him over Jim Johnson and Alejandro de Aza.

11.5 Carl Crawford - No idea if he'll be healthy or whether he'd have lasted several more rounds, but couldn't pass up on the upside. Took him over Sergio Romo, Derek Jeter and Jonathan Broxton.

12.10 Matt Wieters - Missed out on Broxton, the last of the closers I trust, so I went with one of my top catchers even though it's a one-catcher league. Took him over Brandon League and Kendrys Morales.

13.5 Steve Cishek - Closers are valuable in a low-innings cap league. Took him over Dustin Ackley and Cameron Maybin.

14.10 Jake Peavy - Rock solid peripherals and good K rate. Took him over Josh Johnson and Jon Lester.

15.5 Carlos Marmol - K-rate and the job for now. Took him over Brandon Belt, Danny Espinosa.

16.10 Justin Smoak - needed a CI, and was accused of making a reach here. (Typically when that happens, the player blows up). Smoak crushed it down the stretch and credited a new shorter stroke. Hoping it unlocks his former prospect potential. Next CIs: Tyler Colvin, Kevin Youkilis, Garrett Jones, Yonder Alonso). Took him over Vinny Pestano and Matt Garza.

17.5 Michael Saunders - needed some power and speed and someone to potentially fill in for Crawford. Took him over David Murphy and Will Myers.

18.10 Jurickson Profar - need a MI and on the off chance he makes the club out of camp, he'd be by far the best one left. If not, I'll work the waiver wire. Took him over Tyler Greene, Domonic Brown and Aaron Hicks.

19.5 Domonic Brown - Looks like he might be turning a corner this spring. Took him over Carlos Quentin.

20.10 Juan Pierre - He's starting and shouldn't have much competition for the job. No reason he can't steal 40-50 bags and hit for average. Took him over Ryan Doumit.

21.5 Andrew Bailey - I don't trust Joel Hanrahan at all. Took him over Oscar Taveras.

22.10 Mitch Moreland - able-bodied power bat in hitter's park.

23.5 Junichi Tazawa - Just in case Bailey hurts himself after Hanrahan implodes later this spring.

24.10 Brian Roberts - I punted on 2B all draft. Why not?

25.5 Jordan Pacheco - Todd Helton is on his last legs and someone has to see at-bats at first base. Probably will end up dropping if he doesn't win a significant role.


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