Week 11 Observations

Arian Foster scored a TD in every game this season except a home one against the Jaguars in which the Texans scored 43 points.

Justin Blackmon and Andre Johnson had 509 yards receiving between them. Johnson's 273 was the ninth-most all time, while Blackmon's 236 was 30th. Matt Schaub's 527 passing yards tied Warren Moon for the second-most all time.

Chad Henne passed for 354 yards and four touchdowns in Houston. Oddly, it wasn't his career high - that came last year against the Patriots in Week 1 when he went for 416.

Reggie Wayne had just 72 yards on 18 targets Sunday. But he's had double-digit targets in eight out of 10 games, and it's impossible not to produce when that's the case. By contrast, Rob Gronkowski had only seven targets but caught them all for 137 yards and two scores - before breaking his arm.

Say what you want about the Jets, but they do play sound pass defense. (Sam Bradford had just 170 yards on 44 attempts). That Bilal Powell had 11 carries and scored both of the team's touchdowns is yet another reason to leave Shonn Greene on your bench.

The Cowboys-Browns game featured a team with no offensive line against one with no secondary. It was maddening to see Cleveland lose in overtime after they probably should have sealed it in regulation - a questionable personal foul call for a hit on a Kevin Ogletree was likely the difference.

Dez Bryant is awfully hard to tackle. Even though the refs blew the whistle after a gang of Browns stopped his progress, he rarely went to the ground.

That the Panthers (my best bet) didn't cover was horrifying to me, given they were up 11 with six minutes to go in the fourth quarter, at home and getting a point. It's hard to lose a game when your quarterback (Cam Newton) has 8.7 YPA and zero turnovers while the opposing QB has 5.4 YPA and two picks (one taken to the house). And Doug Martin fumbled at the goal line resulting in a touchback.

I don't think Vanilla Ice will be on the short list for MVP after throwing five picks at home against the Cardinals.

Somehow Calvin Johnson wasn't targeted on the game's penultimate drive that largely sealed Detroit's fate. Despite Johnson's disappointing fantasy season, he leads the league in receiving yards (pending Brandon Marshall's tough matchup with a backup QB tomorrow night) by a wide margin.

I was also aghast when the Lions getting 3.5 and up six with 4:25 left - also coughed up the cover.

It's disappointing that RGIII threw an incomplete pass. Despite having arguably the worst set of receivers in the league - especially considering they lost not only Fred Davis but also pass-catching RB Roy Helu - RGIII had a perfect QB rating and averaged 13.3 YPA. He also ran for 84 yards for good measure. He's a better quarterback than Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Philip Rivers and Joe Flacco already.

Nick Foles got destroyed by one of the weakest pass defenses in the league. As I said last week, Michael Vick was not remotely the main problem.

The Saints certainly look like a contender should they make the playoffs, but it would be great to see how they fare against even a decent defense. Actually, we saw a glimpse of it in Denver when they lost 34-14.

With the IND-NE and NO-OAK games in garbage time, I was watching SD-DEN - until down 11 with nine minutes to go, SD took a delay of game penalty while trying to decide whether to go for it on 4th and 9. That made it 4th and 14. So I took a 30-minute walk with my daughter while it was still light outside. You have to draw the line somewhere.

As it turns out, the Chargers covered the eight-point line, but I don't regret missing it and I'm fairly sure that had I stayed it would have turned out differently.

The Steelers made a point of taking Torrey Smith out of the game, and the Ravens offense didn't have a lot else to offer. Maybe the Steelers defense is just that good, or the Raiders defense on which the Ravens hung 55 last week is that much of a joke.

I hate when the red-zone channel goes to split screen - it just means I can't really see what's happening in either game at the distance I sit from my two 42-inch TVs (my eyesight is still fine). I also hate that games are blacked out on the Sunday Ticket, and you have to go to the local CBS or Fox channel which is not only not in the 700s (which is a hassle) but also five seconds or so delayed. So when the other TV, which has the red-zone channel, switches to that same game, I have to go off my main game with the other remote. The worst is when the main game is on split screen, because then my choice is between not seeing the details of what's happening, or seeing them five seconds behind while hearing what's happening from the other TV. I know - first world problems.


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