The Runaway Cart: Week 16 Predictions

What a crazy week in the NFL. The Packers lose to the Chiefs, the Colts beat the Titans, and Tim Tebow actually lost. If the Packers can lose, I can surely post an 0-2 week. I felt like a high school football coach in Cowboys Stadium.

Overall: 18-11-1

Houston -6.5 vs Carolina: LOSS

Houston owns the 4th best defense in the league after adjusting for strength of opponents but Carolina made them look silly. I said the game would come down to the Texans forcing turnovers, but Cam Newton was squeaky clean. He is now 0-9 when turning the ball over at least once, yet 5-0 in mistake-free games.

Baltimore -2.5 at San Diego: LOSS

Baltimore is winning games on defense, but the surging Chargers have been producing in their last few games. Philip Rivers has finally turned it around and is putting up the kind of season everyone expects of him.

Week 16 Predictions:

San Francisco -2
at Seattle

San Francisco dominated the Steelers on Monday Night, thanks to a hefty dose of defense and a mistake-free offense. The key matchup will be Marshawn Lynch versus the 49ers defense. San Fran ranks 2nd in the league in opponent-adjusted run defense and have yet to allow a TD on the ground this season. Lynch has 12 TDs in his last 10 games, including at least one touchdown in each game. Might be time to bust out the king size bag of Skittles.

Cincinnati -4 vs Arizona

Once again, I'm picking against Arizona. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Fool me three times, and I'll be marginally perturbed. Don't get me wrong, Cincinnati is a league average team; but, they are fighting for a wildcard spot and the game is in Cincy. Despite their few recent wins, Arizona still has the 4th worst passing offense in the NFC. I have the Bengals favored by 7.

The most accurate weekly projections from based on wall-street style analytics. numberFire outpredicted two of the most trafficked fantasy sites 70% of the time and are 54-55% against the spread over the last 3 seasons.


By: gooklaw
On: 12/21/2011 4:54:00 PM
Would have been better to get on Seattle @+3.5!
By: jnowak2799
On: 12/22/2011 5:51:00 AM
gooklaw, I think Seattle wins this game easy, Alex Smith is horrible and Seattle is playing their best football of the year, they are peaking, make some money and bet Seattle straight up on the money line.

Keith, I know it's a bad way to look at things but Marshawn Lynch is very hot and the 49ers are due to give up a rushing TD. Get your Skittles ready.
Alex Smith is a joke and is the 49ers weak link and tough defenses like Seattle will exploit how horrible Alex Smith is.
By: Keith Goldner
On: 12/22/2011 9:25:00 AM
Smith has done a great job limiting turnovers, and putting his defense in great positions. I would say Pittsburgh defense is a tough one, and he did a solid job against them. Lynch does scare me though.

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