Staff Keeper League Notes: Week 8

This past week has been pretty tough for my team. I've been hit pretty hard by injuries with Matt Kemp, Emilio Bonifacio, and Miguel Olivo all on the DL. My team is dropping a bit and now it's looking much tighter in the standings. Hopefully Kemp comes back 100% and picks up where he left off in April. Hand injuries for hitters always scare me, especially thumb injuries. I've been holding my breath hoping no reports of a broken thumb or torn ligaments for Bonifacio. So far it only sounds like a sprain.

Below are this week's free agent pick-ups. I didn't put in any bids, I'm down to $14 out of $100 at this point. I dropped Michael Saunders last week in order to pick up Dale Thayer for $33. I could probably have used him this week with all my injuries. Instead I decided to keep Brian Bogusevic. I felt he had a bit more job security going forward and he had been playing better (in comparison).

McLovin's Spoonful: Pick up Alexi Amarista ($5), drop Eduardo Nunez
Casale Industries: Pick up Norichika Aoki ($1), drop Casey McGehee
(Downtown Ass Clowns: $3)
(Casale Industries: $1)
Downtown Ass Clowns: Pick up Jose Arredondo ($2), drop Tommy Hunter
McLovin's Spoonful: Pick up Xavier Avery ($6), drop Juan Rivera
(Casale Industries: $3)
(Casale Industries: $3)
(Shadynasty: $1)
Erickson: Pick up Gregor Blanco ($17), drop Cory Luebke
(Casale Industries: $7)
(Casale Industries: $7)
(Frozen Ropes: $5)
(Liss and Shoe's Dynasty: $1)
(Downtown Ass Clowns: $1)
Next Stop Pottersville: Pick up Everth Cabrera ($5), drop Brandon Crawford
(McLovin's Spoonful: $2)
(McLovin's Spoonful: $2)
(Shadynasty: $1)
Liss and Shoe's Dynasty: Pick up Tim Collins ($1), drop Matt Thornton
East Coast Bias: Pick up Freddy Galvis ($5), drop Brendan Ryan
(Next Stop Pottersville: $4)
(McLovin's Spoonful: $3)
(McLovin's Spoonful: $3)
(Downtown Ass Clowns: $2)
Frozen Ropes: Pick up Yan Gomes ($5), drop Joel Peralta
(Liss and Shoe's Dynasty: $1)
Liss and Shoe's Dynasty: Pick up Orlando Hudson ($1), drop Jeff Niemann
High-A West Madison: Pick up Travis Ishikawa ($1), drop Glen Perkins
Liss and Shoe's Dynasty: Pick up Francisco Liriano ($1), drop Tim Stauffer
(Next Stop Pottersville: $2)
The Bros McKeown: Pick up Daniel Nava ($9), drop Cody Ransom
(Casale Industries: $5)
(Casale Industries: $5)
(Erickson: $5)
(East Coast Bias: $3)
(Browns: $3)
(Liss and Shoe's Dynasty: $1)
Next Stop Pottersville: Pick up Hector Noesi ($3), drop Patrick Corbin
McLovin's Spoonful: Pick up Ryan Raburn ($3), drop Mark Ellis
(Downtown Ass Clowns: $5)
(McLovin's Spoonful: $3)
(Next Stop Pottersville: $3)
Downtown Ass Clowns: Pick up Michael Saunders ($8), drop Jeff Keppinger
(East Coast Bias: $5)
(Next Stop Pottersville: $3)
(Casale Industries: $1)
(Casale Industries: $1)
Casale Industries: Pick up Pedro Strop ($7), drop Steve Cishek
(Downtown Ass Clowns: $1)
(Next Stop Pottersville: $1)
Shadynasty: Pick up Tom Wilhelmsen ($3), drop Wilson Ramos

There was also one trade:

High-A Madison trades:
Paul Goldschmidt $3A, Steve Lombardozzi $0M, Tom Milone $0R
Downtown Ass Clowns trades:
Adrian Gonzalez $60A

This trade makes a lot of sense for both teams. Pete has a big need for HR and RBI and Goldschmidt just hasn't been producing this year. He is already starting Brandon Phillips and Jemile Weeks so there's no room for Lombardozzi in his lineup. Meanwhile Downtown Ass Clowns gets a big name prospect with power potential, a second baseman that is hitting for average as a rookie, and a pitcher with some upside. It's always hard to immediately evaluate these types of trades but it looks like both teams got something they needed. Time will tell if it pays off.

Since the last post my team has lost a few points in the hitting categories. It's to be expected with the injuries over the last two weeks. My pitching has remained pretty strong and consistent, even Tim Lincecum?consistently poor.

HowardSchin Kickers3171615141718515.516136.5
Browns BrosBrowns913.518131312151017.515136
RusignolaCasale Industries618151671817115.517130.5
Peter SchoenkeHigh-A West Madison1831281771018518116
BretTuffy's Goats1716171811.5466133111.5
DVRNext Stop Pottersville1013.513.512951111127104
SiegristBarsoom Warlords13910.51415991239103.5
Mckeown BrothersThe Bros McKeown15999168128.51693.5
Jan LevineFrozen Ropes5410.54516143.517.51190.5
ThornLatvian Orthodox1115410.5761627583.5
ClemenoEast Coast Bias897.510.53313714479
DDDI Drink Your Milkshake2131181571471078
Liss and TimLiss and Shoe's Dynasty151.52411316111266.5
Randy BallDowntown Ass Clowns166552148.57155.5
Fred and BrianMcLovin's Spoonful71166121142252


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