RotoWire Staff 10 TM Auction Results

   P. Schoenke  $  A. Quinn  $  E. Jastrowski  $
 A. Laird   $  A. Fiorentino
 QB  A. Rodgers  34  R. Griffin  21  J. Flacco
 8  D. Brees
 T. Brady
 RB  A. Peterson  57  C. Spiller  47  M. Jones-Drew
 33  D. Martin
 M. Lynch
 RB  A. Bradshaw  19  E. Lacy  22  D. Sproles
 14  D. Williams
 16  A. Morris
 WR  D. Bowe  16  V. Jackson  13  A. Green
 35  A. Johnson
 18  W. Welker
 WR  R. Wayne  9  H. Nicks  8  L. Fitzgerald
 27  M. Austin
 5  R. White
 TE  V. Davis  15  J. Graham  29  J. Witten
 12  Z. Sudfield
 2  J. Finley
 FX  T. Smith  11  D. McFadden  18  M. Colston
 15  C. Ivory
 4  C. Shorts
 FX  S. Vereen  5  G. Jennings  6  D. Murray
 23  M. Ball
 9  B. Tate
 OP  T. Romo  17  E. Decker  8  R. Tannehill
 3  P. Manning
 37  C. Newton
 DST  STL  1  SEA  3  HOU
 NE  1  CHI  1
 K  S. Hauschka  1  P. Dawson  1  M. Bryant
 1  G. Zuerlein
 1  B. Walsh
 BE  J. Cutler  3  K. Rudolph  3  M. Wallace
 11  F. Jackson
 1  D. Richardson
 BE  R. Mendenhall  4  G. Tate  2  O. Daniels
 4  K. Stills
 1  S. Taylor
 BE  B. Green-Ellis  5  S. Johnson  3  J. Jones
 4  K. Moreno
 2  M. Floyd
 BE  V. Ballard  1  M. Ingram  3  G. Bernard
 7  M. Schaub
 1  C. Palmer
 BE  B. Powell  1  J. Freeman  3  PIT
 1  I. Redman
 2  E. Saunders
 BE  J. Blackmon  1  B. Brown  3  B. Weeden
 1  R. Randle
 1  A. Brown
   J. Donabedian  $  C. Link  $  A. Martinez  $  G. Lowmaster  $  J. Levine
 QB  A. Luck
 26  C. Kaepernick
 25  M. Vick
 20  M. Ryan
 24  R. Wilson
 RB  R. Rice
 47  T. Richardson
 51  S. Ridley
 31  A. Foster
 45  J. Charles
 RB  M. Forte
 31  C. Johnson
 31  L. McCoy
 49  R. Matthews
 14  S. Jackson
 WR  D. Bryant
 33  R. Cobb
 22  D. Amendola
 15  C. Johnson
 45  D. Thomas
 WR  A. Brown
 7  D. Jackson
 10  J. Jones
 26  V. Cruz
 15  A. Boldin
 TE  G. Olsen
 3  R. Gronkowski
 15  J. Gresham
 2  T. Gonzalez
 9  M. Bennett
 FX  F. Gore
 22  D. Wilson
 25  B. Marshall
 29  S. Smith
 7  R. Bush
 FX  L. Miller
 11  K. Thompkins
 5  J. Nelson
 9  G. Little
 1  T. Austin
 OP  P. Garcon
 5  B. Roethlisberger
 7  A. Dalton
 7  M. Stafford
 18  E. Manning
 DEF  BAL  1  GB  1  CIN  2  SF  2  DEN  1
 K  J. Tucker
 1  G. Hartley
 1  R. Bullock
 1  S. Gostkowski
 1  M. Prater
 BE  J. Gordon
 3  S. Bradford
 1  A. Smith
 2  T. Hilton
 5  K. Britt
 BE  J. Cook
 1  F. Davis
 1  J. Cameron
 2  L. Moore
 3  C. Patterson
 BE  B. Pierce
 3  C. Givens
 1  J. Dwyer
 2  M. Williams
 5  P. Rivers
 BE  L. Bell
 3  I. Pead
 1  C. Michael
 1  S. Rice
 2  S. Greene
 BE  E. Manuel
 2  D. Moore
 1  D. Hopkins
 1  A. Gates
 2  J. Franklin
 BE  J. Locker
 1  D. Woodhead
 1  M. Bush
 1  R. Hillman
 2  B. Myers

The OP (offensive player) will be used almost always as a second QB, so they went for more than your standard backup and some teams opted to carry three QBs. 

The steal of the draft has to be Tom Brady, who went for $19. 

For scoring we're using QB TD/INT at 4/-2 and DEF also gets points for yardage allowed, other than that pretty vanilla.

Personally, my strategy was get at least 2 QBs I really liked and a solid backup. I found myself really deep at WR with Marshall, Jones, Nelson, & Amendola all starting for me and very weak at RB with only Shaddy & Ridley, so I might need to make a trade to get a solid back up to those two RBs. 

Any thoughts as to who has the best team or had some really good steals?  I like my Jordy Nelson at $9.


By: trookie83
On: 8/27/2013 2:52:00 PM
Aaron Rodgers was the first player and he went cheap at $34 while people sayt on their hands. Typical of an auction or at least an 'expert' auction.
By: andtinez
On: 8/27/2013 2:58:00 PM
I really like that with 10 teams we added an extra flex and offensive player. It gives owners lots of freedom to draft whoever they want (you can start 5 RBs or WRs if you want). Though I feel like it also devalues TEs some.
By: andrewf
On: 8/27/2013 3:11:00 PM
Yep, I immediately regretted not bidding on Rodgers. But getting away with Brady at 19 more than made up for it.

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