Real 14 TM Mixed League Auction Results

Who: Me (Andrew Martinez) and 13 other folks from around the industry.  Our commish is Scott Pianowski who hosted this league last season.

What: 14 Team mixed auction with $260 budget, 5x5 scoring, 162 games cap, 1425 max IP cap, daily, FAAB ($100), with 125 roster move cap.

When: We conducted this auction this past Monday the 25th.

Where: The internets

Why: For virtual jelly beans and bragging rights.  I finished 2nd in this league last season, 3 points behind the winner... This season I'm out to finish on top damn it!

My strategy in mixed league auctions is almost always stars and scrubs. I want elite talent and then I want cheap fungible options that I can throw or ride to a nice profit. I appreciate the spread the risk approach, but it's just not for me... I have expensive tastes. I don't care about position scarcity or any rules about what my team is supposed to look like when Opening Day comes. I know that I'm the type of owner who is not afraid to have glaring holes on my roster because I like projects. I also will go after players because I like their personality or style.  For me fantasy sports is about following my favorite players just as much as it is about competing.  So with that said, here is my roster and some of my rational:

Bryce Harper (Was - OF) $36 - I like guys who play balls to the wall.
Stephen Strasburg (Was - SP) $32 - I can see him winning the Cy Young.
Matt Kemp (LAD - OF) $49 - I need someone to root for when I watch Dodgers games and listen to Vin Scully and I ain't about to spend money on Carl Crawford.
Angel Pagan (SF - OF) $14 - I hated myself for spending for getting Pagan not because of who he is, but because this was a buy early on that was not part of my stars & scrubs mantra.  That said, I'll take his speed.
Evan Longoria (TB - 3B) $31 - I don't think I've ever owned Longoria before, so I said, why not?
Craig Kimbrel (Atl - RP) $25 - If I'm spending money on a closer, I want one who can lead all relievers in Ks.
Yu Darvish (Tex - SP) $24 - I can see him winning the Cy Young.
R.A. Dickey (Tor - SP) $23 - I wanted another ace.
Bruce Rondon (Det - RP) $4 - There is certainly risk here that he's not the closer to start the season, but given the splits of his competition, I said why not?  He can miss bats.
Carlos Ruiz (Phi - C) $2 - I know he'll miss 25 games, but so what?  He can hit for average.
Cameron Maybin (SD - OF) $2 - I like the swing adjustment he made in the 2nd half of '12.
Kevin Youkilis (NYY - 1B,3B) $3 - My team needed a Golden God.
Gordon Beckham (CWS - 2B) $1 - I still believe.
Leonys Martin (Tex - OF) $1 - I think he'll win the opening day CF job.
A.J. Ellis (LAD - C) $1 - He can take a base.
Colby Lewis (Tex - SP) $1 - I didn't realize he is still hurt; already cut him.
Mike Aviles (Cle - SS) $1 - I had to have a SS.
Mike Olt (Tex - 1B) $1 - At this point I was just trying to fill out my team.
Rajai Davis (Tor - OF) $1
Rafael Furcal (StL - SS) $1
Rick Porcello (Det - SP) $1
Henderson Alvarez (Mia - SP) $1 - Already cut him.
Sean Doolittle (Oak - RP) $1 - I actually wanted Doolittle going in, love that lefty. I think he'll lead the A's in saves.
Jose Tabata (Pit - OF) $1 - Post hype sleeper?
Chris Carter (Hou - 1B) $1 - All he does is hit HRs.
Lucas Harrell (Hou - SP) $1 - Already cut him.
Jose Valverde (Det - RP) $1 - Wait to see if he gets a job, if not, see ya!

If you want to see all the results, here is a link to the google doc I published with the team names removed to protect the guilty.

From this I know I'm very weak 2B & SS, I need a catcher for opening day, I'm low on power, and I'll need to stock up on some RPs who could net me some saves down the road.  I already planned to stream some pitchers, till I find some guys that stick.  I love my starting pitchers and I have a pretty good OF, from which I'll build my foundation.  Again, I know this team looks messy, but when I go stars and scrubs, I'm really just looking for a rock star foundation and from there, I'll use the waiver wire and trades to build a champion. 

If you have any thoughts on my team or the results feel free to share below.


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