NFBC Week #13 FAAB Results

Yasmani Grandal topped the bidding in one league and was second in the other. I'm dubious it'll pay of this season - he debuted in Coors Field, after all, meaning that his owners have already missed two Coors trips, and of course he'll play his home games in Petco Park.

I landed one guy I've already owned, then won the services of Jim Thome. More after the jump.

Main Event (119 points, 1/15; 3,356 points overall, 5/420); $374 FAAB remaining.

Team     Player     Bid     Runner-Up
Texas Connection     Yasmani Grandal (C)     104     103
Velociraptors of Victory     Jared Burton (MR)     45     44
DiamondKing     Henderson Alvarez (SP)     41    
Team Erickson     Zach McAllister (SP)     31     4
Low Talkers     Ryan Theriot (2B)     28    
Yesterday's News 2     A.J. Griffin (SP)     27     1
Yesterday's News 2     Chris Carter (1B)     17     4
Broccoli and Anal Sex     Charlie Furbush (MR)     17     3
Broccoli and Anal Sex     Elliot Johnson (SS)     17     6
The Flaming Roosters     Brett Anderson (SP)     16     1
Team Erickson     Jim Thome (1B)     15     4
Low Talkers     Andres Torres (CF)     12     8
Yesterday's News 2     Tyler Moore (LF)     11     4
The Flaming Roosters     David Phelps (MR)     9    
Yesterday's News 2     Drew Pomeranz (SP)     7    
Velociraptors of Victory     Ramon Hernandez (C)     7    
Team Jurney     Felipe Paulino (SP)     5    
Sakas' hitters     Carlos Villanueva (MR)     5    
DiamondKing     David Hernandez (MR)     5    
Team Jurney     Leonys Martin (CF)     3    
Team Jurney     Michael McKenry (C)     3    
Yesterday's News 2     Luis Mendoza (SP)     3    
Sakas' hitters     Yuniesky Betancourt (2B)     3    
MORONS+ WAY-D     Sergio Santos (MR)     2    
MORONS+ WAY-D     Barry Zito (SP)     2     2
The Flaming Roosters     Justin Ruggiano (LF)     2    
Texas Connection     Neftali Feliz (SP)     2    
Velociraptors of Victory     Jose Lopez (3B)     1    
Sakas' hitters     John Hester (C)     1    
Sakas' hitters     Casper Wells (LF)     1    
Murder Inc.     Josh Collmenter (SP)     1    
Murder Inc.     Hisashi Iwakuma (MR)     1    

- Having some trouble with the formatting today, so bear with me on the tables.

- I'm in a power slump lately, losing ground on HR/RBI in my league and overall. Back to back sub .200 days haven't helped either. I was up to 3rd place earlier in the week, but dropped back to fifth after Saturday's games. Sunday's games brought more slumping ways at the plate.

- I don't know what to do about Bryan LaHair. I can't cut him, but he's hard to play when he's only starting 4-5 games per week. He did get a start against a lefty Saturday, which is at least progress.

Satellite League (82 points, 6/15); $284 remaining.

Team     Player     Bid     Runner-Up
Toasted Oat Squares     Jim Thome (1B)     197     62
Fox Force Five     Yasmani Grandal (C)     101     65
Old School     Lucas Harrell (SP)     65    
MAHALO     Jeff Samardzija (SP)     51     32
Motorboat Jones     A.J. Griffin (SP)     41     7
Team DeMay     Zach McAllister (SP)     22    
Golden XM     Mark Ellis (2B)     21    
Toasted Oat Squares     Tyler Moore (LF)     17     11
Team Beeler     Chris Young (SP)     16    
Old School     Travis Blackley (SP)     13    
Sack Satellite     Andres Torres (CF)     13     1
The Voice of Reason     Travis Wood (SP)     12     5
Golden XM     David Hernandez (MR)     11    
Golden XM     Jose Tabata (RF)     7     2
Sack Satellite     Martin Perez (SP)     7    
MAHALO     Carlos Villanueva (MR)     7    
Fox Force Five     Chris Carter (1B)     5    
Dickie V     Peter Bourjos (CF)     4     1
Fox Force Five     Jeff Karstens (SP)     3     1
Sack Satellite     Jordan Lyles (SP)     3    
Sack Satellite     Leonys Martin (CF)     1    
Team Walker     Brian Bogusevic (RF)     1    
Birraioli     Yonder Alonso (1B)     1    
Birraioli     Brian Matusz (SP)     1

- Dan Hudson was the latest pitcher to assassinate my team. I should have been in on the bidding on McAllister here too to replace Hudson - not sure how I missed him on the wire.

- Jordan Lyles was a sneaky-good $1 bid, with two starts this week, one against the Pirates.


By: Erickson
On: 7/1/2012 7:26:00 PM
I think I cut Brandon Moss to get Thome. So of course he homers shortly thereafter. It's either highlighting my mismanagement, or a nice going away present (I had Moss active in place of LaHair).
By: Zenguerrilla
On: 7/2/2012 4:52:00 AM
Team management plays a much bigger part in no trade leagues. Any chump can win a league with take a higher degree of fantasy skill to win a no trade. Finishing top 5 in the NFBC Main Event garners a lot more street cred than winning those tout leagues. I am rooting for you even though you didn't take my Ben Revere sleeper pick as a free agent! :p Good luck!
By: DeMay99
On: 7/2/2012 9:40:00 AM
I thought for sure you would be in on McAllister in the Sat league he pitched well for you earlier in the season. I originally had bid of $11 then when I thought about it I thought you or someone else would get in on him.
By: Erickson
On: 7/2/2012 1:43:00 PM
Total bonk move by me - just missed seeing him. Weird thing - the league that is doing the best gets poured over, the one that needs help gets less scrutiny, when it should be pretty close.
By: djbrown
On: 7/2/2012 6:01:00 PM
The ROI on the main event team could end up being a *bit* higher though :)

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