My Portfolio

Here's my portfolio of players after completing seven of eight drafts:

League FSTA NFBC-Online AL-LABR Home Staff YF&F AL-Tout NFBC Main
Date 15-Jan 28-Feb 1-Mar 9-Mar 17-Mar 18-Mar 23-Mar 29-Mar
Format Draft Draft Auction Draft Auction Draft Auction Draft
Rules ∞ DL No trade, 0 DL Can't bench 5x4 (No WHIP) Keeper 1400 IP Cap, 2 DL ∞ DL, OBP No trade, 0 DL
Teams 13 12 12 15 18 15 12 15
Pick No. 11 11 N/A $ 15 N/A $ 12 N/A $ 1
C Y. Molina D. Navarro S. Perez 16 Lucroy Mesoraco 16 Lucroy McCann 21
C Wieters A. Avila Iannetta 3 W. Castillo Montero 16 Perez 16
1B C. Carter M. Adams Moss 20 Pujols Goldschmidt 13 D. Ortiz Hosmer 24
2B Rendon Utley Profar 15 D.Murphy Pedroia 38 B. Roberts Pedroia 28
3B Machado Longoria Lawrie 18 Lawrie Arenado 3 Middlebrooks Longoria 28
SS A. Simmons H.Ramirez Reyes 26 Peralta D. Gordon 2 H.Ramirez Jeter 7
CI Moustakas Machado Singleton 7 Rizzo Machado 3 J.Abreu Machado 13
MI Jeter Wong Jeter 13 Rendon A. Hill 19 S. Castro S. Drew 3
OF Ellsbury W. Myers Arcia 10 Harper J.Hamilton 28 Kemp A. Eaton 15 Trout
OF Bautista Beltran Joyce 8 J.Hamilton R. Davis 3 M. Bourn Lough 8
OF W. Myers Victorino Lough 3 B.Hamilton M. Byrd 1 De Aza Buxton 4
OF Heyward A.Jackson Dyson* 4 Crawford L.Martin 3 Joyce Raburn 2
OF C. Maybin Crawford Buxton 3 A.Garcia A. Jackson 16
U I. Davis D. Ortiz B. Butler 18 A. Gonzalez 33 Rizzo Middlebrooks 13
U Morneau M. Choice 3
P Kershaw Darvish Scherzer 27 Darvish J.Fernadez 3 Strasburg Verlander 27
P J. Fernandez Sale Verlander 26 Lee Wacha 3 Verlander Lackey 11
P G. Cole G. Cole Masterson 13 Salazar Burnett 2 Tanaka Nova 8
P Lester Garza Lackey 9 Cashner Liriano 2 Papelbon M. Perez 6
P Kazmir Porcello J.Parker* 8 Iwakuma Lackey 2 Cishek Pomeranz 3
P D.Robertson Nathan T.Hunter 10 Porcello Samardzija 5 A. Bradley Baker 2
P J.Johnson Cishek Appel 1 M. Perez Nathan 28 C. Martinez Soria 14
P Soria Soria Carrasco 1 J. Kelly Papelbon 17 J.J. Putz J. McGee 2
P T. Hunter T. Hunter la Rosa 1 W. Peralta Beckett 2 J.J. Hoover D. Holland 2
R D. Gee Fowler Krauss Benoit D.Pomeranz G. Springer K. Gibson
R W. Peralta Lackey Pomeranz Santos J.Hammel D. Gordon D. Webb
R J. Kelly M. Cabrera Cecchini C.Martinez M. Leake R. Raburn S.Sizemore
R O. Taveras Profar la Rosa K-Rod K-Rod Beckett A. Gose
R A.Guerrero W. Peralta R. Webb Maybin S. Smith Charlie Blackmon
R C. Blackmon L.Hawkins Matusz A.J. Pollock L.J. Hoes
R Ruggiano A. Gose
M C. Correa
M G. Cecchini
M McCullers
M K. Stewart
M L. Sims
M Berrios
M V. Sanchez
M R. Nunez
M R.J. Alvarez
M Borenstein

*I traded an out-for-the-year Parker ($8 in FAAB) and Dyson to Larry Schecter for Trevor Plouffe and Bryan Shaw.

Mulitple Shares

Owned in Four Leagues:

Manny Machado, John Lackey

Owned in Three Leagues:

Justin Verlander, Joakim Soria, Tommy Hunter, Derek Jeter, Wily Peralta, Drew Pomeranz

Owned in Two Leagues

Hanley Ramirez, Yu Darvish, Evan Longoria, Dustin Pedroia, Will Myers, David Ortiz, Josh Hamilton, Gerrit Cole, Anthony Rizzo, Joe Nathan, Jonathan, Lucroy, Austin Jackson, Brett Lawrie, Salvador Perez, Jonathan Papelbon, Steve Cishek, Will Middlebrooks, Carl Crawford, Rick Porcello, Dee Gordon, Martin Perez, Anthony Rendon, Jurickson Profar, Matt Joyce, David Lough, Byron Buxton, Josh Beckett, Joe Kelly, Carlos Martinez, Cameron Maybin, Ryan Raburn, Francisco Rodriguez, Charlie Blackmon, Garin Cecchini, Anthony Gose


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