My Portfolio

Six down, three to go. Here's my portfolio so far:

League FSTA Vegas NFFC Online Fanium YF&F Stopa $
Date 12-Jun 15-Jul 22-Jul 6-Aug 12-Aug 15-Aug
No. of Tms. 14 16 12 8 14 12
Pick No. 12 15 6 3 3 N/A
Type PPR Standard PPR PPR .75 PPR .5 PPR
Roster 1-2-3-FLX 1-2-3-FLX 1-2-3-FLX 2-2-4-2TE 1-2-2-2FLX 1-2-3-FLX-QFLX-2TE
Method Draft Draft Draft Draft Draft Auction
QB Luck P. Manning Luck Luck Ryan Rodgers 45
QB Vick Schaub Vick RGIII Romo 27
QB A. Smith A. Smith 9
RB L.Miller L.McCoy Spiller MJD D. Martin MJD 35
RB M. Ball MJD MJD L. Miller L. Miller Bradshaw 16
RB G.Bernard L. Bell C.Johnson D. Wilson Bradshaw Mendenhall 8
RB L.James L. James Bradshaw M. Ball B. Pierce J. Stewart 1
RB L. James S. Taylor S. Taylor 1
RB K. Davis
WR A.J. Green M Williams J. Nelson C.Johnson R. White Colston 15
WR D. Bryant K. Britt T. Smith D.Bryant T. Smith Nicks 12
WR C. Shorts DHB D.Alexander D.Thomas J. Gordon D-Jax 10
WR R.Randle D. Hopkins S. Rice Amendola Streater S. Johnson 6
WR DHB Broyles Ma. Floyd J.Gordon Toon R. Randle 2
WR J.Ford Streater D. Moore T. Austin Streater 2
WR J. Ford R.Randle
WR A.J. Jenkins
TE Gates Cameron Gates Gates Z. Miller Gates 6
TE Fleener Fleener Cook Fleener Fleener 2
TE Keller 3
K Walsh Hauschka Hauschka

I didn't realize how heavily invested in MJD I was - four out of six leagues, including those with the two biggest stakes (NFFC online and Stopa Law Firm). Also three Lamar Millers, three Ahmad Bradshaws. Also three with LaMichael James.

For QB, three leagues with Andrew Luck, and for WR, three with Rod Streater and three with Rueben Randle. For TE, I had Antonio Gates and Coby Fleener in four each.


By: Mark Stopa
On: 8/16/2013 6:55:00 AM
Last night was your first auction? Nuts. I like Randle. I think he emerges and Giants let Nicks walk after this, his contract year.
By: flintstock
On: 8/17/2013 6:15:00 AM
I'm high on MJD as well as a great value pick this year. He seems healthy and is now in the same scheme as Alf and Foster so I'm excited about what he can do in it. A lot of people are sleeping on Bradshaw, mainly because he's an Ari RB, but I think that team is going to be much improved and he'll have a good chance to close out games. That's really been one of the knocks (other than health) I've had on Ari RBs in the past-they've hardly ever been able to get a lead for a RB to run out the clock. I also like your Gates picks. He's another high value/low cost pick this year.
By: kldub4life
On: 8/18/2013 2:44:00 PM
Interesting to get your view on Antonio Gates, I assume you have him at at least #8 at TE. I've loved him in the past, but it seems like he is on the backside and that seems a little high to me. Just wondering what it is that is making him a decent gamble to you?
By: Chris Liss
On: 8/20/2013 9:17:00 PM
I guess I'd take Gates because he's healthy right now, and he was once great - as in all-time great, so maybe he has another good year left. TEs typically age well - Gonzalez, Witten, Heath Miller (before he got hurt, V. Davis) - it's not a young man's position like RB. And he's available late enough that if he busts, you can just drop him. That and the SD WRs are all so injury prone, he could get a lot of looks.

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