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Here are my squads so far this baseball season. (I have one left to go - an NFBC satellite league):

League FSTA AL LABR Home YF&F Staff AL Tout
Teams 13 12 15 13 18 12
Type Draft Auction Draft Draft Auction Auction
Quirks No trade Limited Act/Res 5x4/No whip or U 1C/1250 IP cap Keeper 5th OF =U
Date 16-Jan 4-Mar 16-Mar 20-Mar 21-Mar 24-Mar
C Posey Wieters 22 Soto Arencibia Doumit 4B Martin 11
C Pierzynski Martin 9 Ramos Wieters 32A Wieters 22
1B A. Gonzalez Morneau 7 Pena Hosmer Pujols 63A Morneau 7
2B Espinosa Kinsler 30 Kinsler Cano Casilla 2A Kinsler 33
3B Lawrie Arod 24 Wright A-Rod Rolen 5A Figgins 9
SS D.Gordon Jeter 20 H.Ramirez S-Rod S-Rod 5B Dozier 1
CI Encarnacion Figgins 12 Moreland Morneau Smoak 17A Teixeira 29
MI Furcal Izturis 3 T.Greene Utley T.Greene 8A Pedroia 31
OF Braun Granderson 29 B.J.Upton Stanton Berkman 13B De Aza 15
OF Stanton A.Jackson 16 Heyward A.Gordon Bourjos 7B C.Ross 7
OF Heyward L.Cain 13 Maybin C.Crawford Reimold 2B Guyer 1
OF Ichiro Viciedo 13 Werth Maybin Brantley 3B C.Wells 1
OF Bourjos Snider 5 L.Cain Ajackson 16A
U Rasmus Guyer 1 A.Jackson I.Stewart 3A Smoak 14
U J.Smoak Dunn 15
P F.Hernandez D.Holland 14 F.Hernandez F.Hernandez C.Lee 10C Pineda 14
P Garza Buchholz 13 Matt Moore Latos Romero 13D13 Jimenez 12
P Rivera Porcello 7 Zimmermann Nathan Pineda 11B Buchholz 11
P Nathan Ogando 6 Holland League Niemann 4B Peavy 8
P League Hughes 6 Hellickson Francisco Stauffer 1C Matusz 7
P Thornton Humber 4 Marcum Thornton JiJohnson 4B M.Harrison 6
P Buchholz B.Anderson 3 Leake Chapman Matusz 2A Humber 4
P Hudson Pavano 2 Matusz Hellickson Thornton 7A Hultzen 1
P Niemann T.Ross 1 Porcello K.Wood Rivera 28A T. Ross 1
R Peavy J.Paxton LaHair Peavy Helton Y.Betancourt
R Buehrle B.Dozier S-Rod Matusz Samardzija Cunningham
R LaHair D. Axelrod Snider T. Greene M.Harrison Lindstrom
R Guyer Valbuena Fuentes Figgins W.Myers
R Brantley C. Phelps Iwakuma C.Wells
R T. Wood Lobaton G.Holland Blackmon
R T.Wood
M Tyson Gillies
M Brett Jackson
M Nolan Arenado
M Austin Romine
M Jared Mitchell
M Leonys Martin
M James Darnell
M Nestor Molina
M Jose Fernandez
M A.J. Pollock

As you can see, there is a ton of overlap. I prefer it that way, so I can root for certain guys and am not essentially rooting for and against the entire league. Also, if my more commonly-owned guys pan out, I can have a great season.

Most Commonly Owned:

Four Leagues

Brian Matusz

Three Leagues

Ian Kinsler
Felix Hernandez
Matt Wieters
Justin Smoak
Justin Morneau
Austin Jackson
Matt Thornton
Clay Buchholz
Chone Figgins
Jake Peavy
Brandon Guyer
Sean Rodriguez
Tyler Greene

Two Leagues

Russell Martin
Giancarlo Stanton
Alex Rodriguez
Jason Heyward
Peter Bourjos
Cameron Maybin
Lorenzo Cain
Joe Nathan
Brandon League
Michael Pineda
Jeremy Hellickson
Derek Holland
Travis Snider
Matt Harrison
Mariano Rivera
Phil Humber
Brian Dozier
Tyson Ross
Rick Porcello
Michael Brantley
Bryan LaHair
Casper Wells
Travis Wood

For what it's worth, I already dropped Matusz and Peavy from the YF&F league to pick up Henry Rodriguez and Brad Lidge in case Drew Storen's hurt, as that's a low inning's cap league, and closers are gold there. But these lists reflect my drafts.

There are pretty much two themes at work here: (1) Last year's bums; and (2) Younger upside players who could break out. If a player is both, e.g., Matusz or Smoak, he found his way onto a lot of teams.

Players I don't own who I really wanted to get:

Tim Lincecum
Yu Darvish
Stephen Strasburg
Clayton Kershaw
Brandon Belt
Domonic Brown
Glen Perkins


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