My NFBC RotoWire Online Championship Team

Andrew Martinez here... Drafting from the 6th spot, my plan was to get Clayton Kershaw in the first round, Giancarlo Stanton in the 2nd, Yu Darvish/Stephen Strasburg/Adam Wainwright (in that order of preference) in the 3rd, and Billy Hamilton in 4th to set a base of pitching, HRs, and SBs. That plan went to crap when Kershaw went 5th overall and Darvish/Strasburg/Wainwright were all gone by my pick in the 3rd round. My plan was also to go pitching heavy early, but that evaporated when everyone else it seems had the same plan, so I decided to go after hitters instead and grab SPs later on. Overall, I like my team, but it was not what I planned for.

1.6 - Bryce Harper - Wanted Kershaw badly, but had to settle for Harper, who I love and would've planned around, if I had the 7th pick.

2.7 - Giancarlo Stanton - Part of my plan. Think he will lead MLB in HRs this season.

3.6 - Jose Fernandez - Darvish/Strasburg/Wainwright/Scherzer/Felix all gone, so I went with the SP I liked the most. Could've had Verlander or Lee.

4.7 - Billy Hamilton - Part of my plan, thought I could've waited till the 5th round, but I was already pissed about not getting any of the SPs I had planned for, so I had to pull the trigger.

5.6 - Matt Carpenter - I wanted Sale or Price, but both were gone, so I addressed MI. I would've seriously considered Pujols, if he had fallen here.

6.7 - Allen Craig - Wanted Hosmer or Rosario here, but settled on 1B.

7.6 - Yadier Molina - After missing on Rosario and seeing Santana/Lucroy come off before I picked, I knew a run on catchers was starting and I wanted Molina or McCann (went the next pick and S. Perez two after that). If Gerrit Cole was still here, I might have gone that route (went 2 picks before).

8.7 - Gio Gonzalez - Figured after all the starting pitching went early, I couldn't be left behind. Also considered Mat Latos (went the next pick) and Tanaka (went two after that).

9.6 - Jose Altuve - I figure I need some speed to back up Hamilton or supplement him, if he falters. Was going to take Altuve or Everth Cabrera at this spot and luckily Altuve fell.

10.7 - Andrew Cashner - Probably a reach, but I really like his 2013 second half and think there's ace potential lurking.

11.6 - Danny Salazar - Wanted another SP and had Salazar, Gray, and Fister to choose from. Went w/ Salazar hoping I could have Gray too next round.

12.7 - J.J. Hardy - Gray was gone, so I went w/ a SS that is straight power, as I have Altuve and Hamilton to carry the SBs load.

13.6 - Jonathan Papelbon - Rafael Soriano or Papelbon were my main choices here and I went w/ Papelbon because of Soriano's diminished K%. For all of Papelbon's warts, he's still pretty effective.

14.7 - Neftali Feliz - Tommy Hunter, Huston Street, Fernando Rodney, Jim Henderson, Bobby Parnell those were the other options. I'm encouraged by his velocity so far.

15.6 - Yan Gomes - I wanted two strong catchers and when Jason Castro went 3 picks before, I knew I had to go now. I didn't want Miguel Montero or Pierzynski. Ideally, I would've gotten Pablo Sandoval here, but he was popped 2 picks before and that sealed me going for catcher.

16.7 - Xander Bogaerts - Bogaerts was what was left of the 3B group of Seager, Lawrie, Headley, Sandoval, Aramis Ramirez run that started in the 14th round. I could've had Arenado, but opted for Bogaerts.

17.6 - Will Venable - Surprised he's still available. As my 4th OF, I'm plenty happy and see 20/20 as real possibility. Also considered Nate Jones, who went a couple picks later.

18.7 - Corey Kluber - Had to get him here or I knew he'd be gone by next round and the draft room told me as much with groans, after I popped their guy.

19.6 - Anthony Rendon - Dozier/Profar/Dee Gordon/Brad Miller/Neil Walker all available as a MI, but wanted someone I thought could hit the most HRs and for most average.

20.7 - Oscar Taveras - I didn't know if he'd be around much longer, after Springer got taken in the 17th round and the OF pool starting to shrink.

21.6 - Rick Porcello - I like the skills growth that continues and improved defense behind him. Also considered Alex Wood w/ the Medlen news, but opted to stick with Porcello.

22.7 - Rex Brothers - I wanted one more reliever and Joakim Soria went shortly before this, as did Qualls. I figure Brothers might get the job eventually, as he's better right now than Hawkins, who 2 picks later, thus cutting me off from doubling up and securing the COL bullpen.

23.6 - Angel Pagan - With Taveras set to start the season in the minors, I need another OF. Could've had Eric Young or AJ Pollock, but don't need their speed. I considered Dexter Fowler here too, but like Pagan's offense more.

24.7 - Ivan Nova - Believer in his groundball rate and fastball. Thought about taking Lackey.

25.6 - John Lackey - He's still here. Also considered Tim Hudson. If Lackey is back to the pitcher of old, before he went through the off the field stuff, he could be of real value.

26.7 - Derek Jeter - Gift baskets for everyone!

27.6 - Carlos Quentin - He'll hit for power, till he gets hurt. Would've taken Erik Johnson here, but he got popped right before I picked.

28.7 - Adam Dunn - Had zero plans to take him after I got Quentin, but no one left in the player pool has his power. Really pissed that Omar Infante went 2 picks before because I wanted him where I got Jeter, but couldn't find him in the software. Anyhow, talk about cheap power - Dunn as the 331st pick.

29.6 - Ricky Nolasco - Thought about Gausman or Taillon, but Nolasco has a friendly park that will hopefully curb his fly ball problems some.

30.7 - David Freese - Wanted a CI to backup Bogaerts, in case he struggles out of the gate. Dunn can do this too, but I don't want to have to play him everyday.

A few thoughts:
1. I think this team will hit for a good batting average w/ Molina, Craig, Carpenter, Altuve, & Pagan. The only liabilities are Hamilton and Dunn, but I don't intend to play Dunn much.
2. Even if Hamilton doesn't steal 100 bags, I should be ok with 20~ish SBs from Altuve, Harper, Venable, & Pagan, as long as Hamilton shows up at some point to carry some of the load.
3. I don't think my ERA & WHIP are going to be elite. Other rosters took many SPs much earlier and loaded up on RPs too. That said, I like my K potential.
4. I have a young team, by design, but if I get growth seasons out of some of them, it should make up for the couple that slump or are still figuring it out... Jeter will lead them.

My Team by Position:

C - Yadier Molina
C - Yan Gomes
1B - Allen Craig
3B - Matt Carpenter
CI - Xander Bogaerts
2B - Jose Altuve
SS - J.J. Hardy
MI - Anthony Rendon
OF - Bryce Harper
OF - Giancarlo Stanton
OF - Billy Hamilton
OF - Will Venable
OF - Angel Pagan
UT - Carlos Quentin
SP - Jose Fernandez
SP - Gio Gonzalez
SP - Andrew Cashner
SP - Danny Salazar
SP - Corey Kluber
SP - Rick Porcello
SP - Ivan Nova
RP - Jonathan Papelbon
RP - Neftali Feliz
BN - Derek Jeter
BN - Adam Dunn
BN - David Freese
BN - Oscar Taveras
BN - Rex Brothers
BN - John Lackey
BN - Ricky Nolasco


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