My 2 QB Draft Strategy

I will be drafting for a 12 team 2 quarterback league in about a month from now. The starting positions are QB QB WR WR RB RB TE Flex (WR/RB) Def and K. Coming up with a strategy has been difficult due to the lack of fantasy content specifically tailored to 2 quarterback drafts and because no site (that I know of) offers ADP lists for 2 quarterback leagues.

I will be picking at the 12 spot so my strategy is tailored accordingly. While this may seem to make my strategy irrelevant to anyone not picking at 12, I believe the logic behind a good amount of what I plan to do can be applied to any position. My belief in the availability of specific players at specific positions is based on my participation in numerous mock drafts and reviewing ADP lists for normal drafts.

First Picks, 12 & 13

I have decided to draft quarterbacks consecutively with my first two picks. My reasoning was twofold. One, top quarterbacks generate more fantasy production than any position. This is especially true in the league that I'm in because TD passes are worth 6 points. Second, I believe that there are only 9 quarterbacks with a realistic chance at finishing in the top 5 at their position (Brees, Brady, Manning, Rodgers, Warner, Rivers, Schaub, Romo, Ryan). No, I don't believe in McNabb. If I don't select two quarterbacks with my first two picks, I think there's a good chance that all 9 quarterbacks could be taken by the time my turn comes around next (picks 36 & 37). I don?t want to be stuck with mediocre options like Eli Manning or Ben Roethlisberger. So I plan on drafting Aaron Rogers and Philip Rivers with my first two picks. Both are young, are part of offenses that throw a lot and are surrounded by plenty of weapons. In summary, they both possess as much upside as any players at their position. I don?t plan on drafting Brady, Brees or Manning because I suspect that all three players will be gone when I pick.

Second Round of Picks, 36 & 37

Here, I will be addressing the running back position. I really have no choice. All the super elite wide receivers will be gone and if I don't address running back at this spot, I will be stuck with secondary platoon backs. Here I will go for number one backs with decent upside. I am targeting Pierre Thomas and Derrick Ward at this position.

Third Round of Picks, 60 & 61

Here I will be addressing wide receiver and the flex position. I've waited long enough to draft my WR1 so I will pick someone with a minimal amount of risk and significant upside. This pick will be Desean Jackson. For my flex position, I prefer starting running backs to wide receivers, just because of the potential upside that exists if I hit a home run with the selection. Here I am looking for upside; someone who can win my league for me. For my flex position, I plan on taking Darren McFadden.

Fourth Round of Picks, 84 & 85

At this point I can't wait any longer to draft my WR2. I will be going with someone steady, risk free and containing decent upside. My choice will be Jerricho Cotchery. A lot of red zone passes went to Laveraneus Coles last year. Those passes will be going to Cotchery this year. My second pick will be another running back. I'm a big proponent of having depth at running back and finding this year's version of Chris Johnson. With my 85th pick I will likely target a player who could be used as a flex in the right matchup and who could become an absolute stud in the event of an injury. I plan on drafting Donald Brown.

Fifth Round of Picks, 108 & 109

At pick 108 I will be drafting my 3rd and final WR. I would normally wait until the later stages of the draft but I am fond of this year's rookie class and they will all be gone if I don't act now. I plan on drafting either Percy Harvin or Jeremy Maclin. Percy has less competition for touches and is more of a home run hitter so I will probably go with him. With my other pick, I plan on finally addressing the tight tend position. I am targeting a second year player who had a better statistical season than did Tony Gonzalez, Jason Witten or Antonio Gates in their rookie campaigns. I plan on drafting Dustin Keller, the likely number two receiving option for whoever is behind center for the Jets.

Sixth Round of Picks, 132 & 133

If I want a chance to draft a potentially elite defense, now is the time to do it. Here I will simply draft the highest rated defense and will end up with a team like the Titans. At this point of the draft I will attempt to draft my backup/bye week quarterback. There is a good chance that every single starting quarterback will be gone. I will likely have to take a shot on a quarterback engaged in a legitimate battle like Kellen Clemens, Mark Sanchez, Shaun Hill or Alex Smith. I?m a Jets fan so I might as well take a gamble with the golden boy Sanchez and hope that his strong single series in the Jets first preseason game is a harbinger of things to come.

Seventh Round of Picks, 156 & 157

Here I will draft my backup defense. I like having two solid defenses to rotate based on match-ups. I find that it normally gives me a solid advantage over my opposition. I will target either a defense that slipped or a defense with sleeper potential. I will likely target a combination of both like the Packers, who were above average in 2008 and could potentially jump to elite status with the additions of rookies B.J. Raji and Clay Matthews. Next I will draft my last running back ( I said I liked having a lot of them). What I'm looking for here is huge upside in the event of injury and someone who could be used as a flex in the right matchup. A player that I'll be targeting is Jerome Harrison who could steal significant carries from Jamal Lewis and could even end up as the team's number one back (despite his size) at some point this season.

Eighth Round of Picks, 180 & 181

At this point, I want to draft a backup for the only position lacking one, tight end. As usual, looking for upside here. Someone who could challenge my number one for playing time or develop into a useful trading chip. I think I'll bet on Mike Singletary & Co. to turn around the career of and tap into the potential of Vernon Davis. Lastly, I?ll be picking my kicker. I want him to have a big leg and be part of a competent offense that doesn't score too many touchdowns. Matt Prater fits the bill.

So that does it. Here's a final look at my team:

12. Philip Rivers
13. Aaron Rodgers
36. Derrick Ward
37. Pierre Thomas
60. Desean Jackson
61. Darren McFadden
84. Jerricho Cotchery
85. Donald Brown
108. Percy Harvin
109. Dustin Keller
132. Tennessee Titans
133. Mark Sanchez
156. Green Bay Packers
157. Jerome Harrison
180. Vernon Davis
181. Matt Prater

While there's a great chance that I won't be able to draft this team, I feel pretty confident that most of these players can be had at the positions I imagine drafting them. I hope this recap of my strategy helped someone who is prepping for their 2 QB draft. Let me know what you think.


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