Long Game Extra: Live-tweeting the Auction

My home AL-only keeper league auction is today (12 teams, 5x5, pretty standard roto ultra rules with the addition of an in-season salary cap), and I figured I might as well live-tweet the thing. Why? For reasons!

If you want to follow along, my Twitter handle is @AntonSirius. I'm starting it out with $173 (only three teams have more, with the big stack carrying $208), and the following roster:

C: Salvador Perez $3B, Tyler Flowers $3C
1B: Eric Hosmer $17Y
SS: Eduardo Nunez $6C
CI: Chris Carter $8B
OF: David Murphy $4B, Jonny Gomes $1B
P: Yu Darvish $31B, Matt Moore $10B, Brett Anderson $2B, Felix Doubront $2B
Minors: Bubba Starling, Michael Choice, Jonathan Schoop

(Note: for long-term contracts we bump the letter designation to the end of the alphabet so that they expire at the end of their 'Z' season.)

As you can see, I'm set at catcher and don't have to worry about scarcity there, but I've got no closers so I'll have to pay full retail for a couple. Third base is also an issue, as there are only three good ones (Miguel Cabrera, Adrian Beltre and Evan Longoria) available. All the young middle-tier guys are protected, so the drop-off in talent after the big three is STEEP. If I don't land one of them, I could be looking at a Matt Dominguez as the fallback. That's scary.

Nunez was the only really difficult choice, but with Jeter out for a bit, the other injury issues the Yankees have and me lacking steals, $6 didn't seem like much of an overpay and I could easily see him going for more at auction. The alternative would have been something like Eric Sogard at $1, and that seemed like a much bigger risk.


By: Kevin Payne
On: 3/30/2013 11:52:00 AM
I know you were in "win now" mode Erik, but given the discount for injured players did you think about taking one of them as trade bait for a team who will realize early they're out of it and will look to the future?
By: Erik Siegrist
On: 3/30/2013 3:57:00 PM
As a matter of fact, Kevin, I ended up taking a couple. Here's how my squad filled out:

2B- Kelly Johnson $8
3B- Miguel Cabrera $47
MI- Ronny Cedeno $1
OF- Shane Victorino $26, Coco Crisp $18, Avisail Garcia $1
Ut- Mark Reynolds $14
P- Mariano Rivera $24, Ernesto Frieri $15, Gavin Floyd $11, Brett Myers $5, Felipe Paulino $3
Reserve- Carlos Correa, Addison Russell, Matt Dominguez, Steve Delabar, Aaron Crow, Johnny Giavotella, Brayan Villarreal, Zach Britton, Brandon Barnes, Santiago Nessy, Carlos Carrasco

Inflation said Miggy should be a $50+ player. When he was the first player tossed and bidding stalled in to the $40s though, I pounced. That buy, as opposed to Evan Longoria at $33 or Adrian Beltre at $34, basically set the tone for my auction. Had I saved that extra $12 or so and gone after one of the other studs 3B I could maybe have come away with a better middle infield, but when even Howie Kendrick is going for $22 and Jose Altuve popped for $33, I think I made the right decision.

Taking Miggy also gave me the batting average cushion to hopefully survive having Carter, Reynolds and Flowers all on the same squad.

All in all this definitely looks like a roster that will be in the money hunt. Rotowire's projections have me right around all my targets, and that doesn't account for what production I get in the Garcia/Paulino slots while they're out.
By: Kevin Payne
On: 3/30/2013 5:29:00 PM
One last thing Erik - I know you liked the KJohnson buy considering what was left at the time, but any worries that once Myers is called up Johnson is the odd man out with Zobrist moving to second?
By: Erik Siegrist
On: 3/30/2013 6:17:00 PM
Yep, that's a concern, but I'm not convinced yet a) Myers will be up right on the dot of his Super Two eligibility, as the Rays want to make sure he plays the game their way before they call him up, and b) that Johnson will necessarily be the guy to lose his job. Loney's picture is next to the word 'placeholder' in the dictionary.
By: Erik Siegrist
On: 3/30/2013 6:18:00 PM
One of my prime trade goals will be MIs anyway though, which would help protect against Johnson getting benched if I can land an upgrade for Cedeno.

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