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Why does anyone extend keepers more than a two years in leagues where each additional season entails a $5 bump? Every additional year cuts into your present profit, increases your downside risk and depreciates due to the time value of money. Plus, once you start looking far into the future, you have to worry about global catastrophic events like nuclear war, Super Volcanos, etc. I have Cliff Lee at $5 this year, and I'm going two years at $10.

Does anyone see the merit to the NFL owners' argument regarding the lockout? The NFL is more prosperous and popular than ever, the owners are all billionaires, some of their stadiums are publicly financed and the players subject themselves to severe bodily risk and permanent brain damage that's likely implicated in recent suicides. Yet the owners want a a bigger share of the pool and want to dilute the regular season to 18 games (increasing health risks), something that fans don't want? The argument that they should try to get more simply because they have the power to ignores the major reason their franchises and the league have value at all: that people love and identify with their teams. Most of the current owners are people of no importance whatsoever to the prosperity and popularity of the game. Replace them with 32 random business executives, and hardly anyone would notice or care.

Your health insurance company is essentially a bookie who tries to weasel out of paying up when he loses a bet on your health. Compared to it, a Vegas sports book (or your "guy") is a model of fairness and trustworthiness. Ironically, illegal sports betting arrangements are based on mutual trust whereas legal business ones are typically based on distrust - hence the need for lawyers and contracts.

I get why there are two Steve Smiths, Mike Williams and Chris Carters, but how is it possible there are two Adrian Petersons and two Ryan Brauns? And remember when there were two Jeff D'Amicos?

Why wasn't Steve Howe named Phil Coke?

Did Josh Outman have any choice but to be a pitcher?

Does anyone else think it's suspicious that right after 9/11, the "Patriots" out of nowhere won the Super Bowl and became a dynasty? And that the "Patriot Act" expanded the state's surveillance powers far beyond the law's previous limits, something coach Bill Belichick obviously applied to his own franchise?

David Akers always points to the sky after he makes a field goal, so why doesn't he point down to the ground when he misses?

Does the devil wear a Miroslav Satan jersey, or a Rae Carruth one? Either way, it's pretty obvious what the mascot is.


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