David Kahn: Foolish or Incompetent?

My esteemed colleague the Professor and I have very different takes on David Kahn, the T-Wolves and Ricky Rubio.

My Side:
The T-Wolves either didn't do their homework on Rubio... or didn't do a very good job on it. They thought they'd bring him over from Spain right away, and the news that he'll play two -- possibly three -- more years in Europe has them in full-on damage-control mode. Rubio might still become a valuable asset for the team, but it's clear that this did not go the way they hoped.

The Professor: (At the risk of putting words in Dre's mouth, I'll summarize the points he's made elsewhere and trust him to correct me if I misspeak.) The T-Wolves knew there was a very good chance Rubio would fall to them at the five spot, and they drafted him knowing there was a very good chance he wouldn't play in the NBA until 2011. Letting him "season" in Europe for the next two years was all part of the plan...

So question one is... did they mis-handle this, or was it all part of Kahn's plan? And if you believe Kahn intended for Rubio to stay in Europe for another couple of seasons -- the question becomes, "was that the right way to go?"

Let's consider: in trading up for that fifth pick, Kahn took on about $18 million. He dealt his best outside shooter, and left his team painfully thin at shooting guard and small forward.

For the right to negotiate with Rubio two years from now?

That sound like a good trade to anyone?


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