Beat Chris Liss NFBC Online Draft

This took place tonight - I picked 12th out of 12 teams. Standard 5 x 5, 30-man rosters. Here's my squad:

1 12 Giancarlo Stanton RF
2 13 Bryce Harper CF
3 36 Cliff Lee SP
4 37 Cole Hamels SP
5 60 Aramis Ramirez 3B
6 61 Curtis Granderson CF
7 84 Matt Moore SP
8 85 Austin Jackson CF
9 108 Joe Nathan MR
10 109 Ike Davis 1B
11 132 Derek Jeter SS
12 133 Dustin Ackley 2B
13 156 Jonathan Broxton MR
14 157 Brett Anderson SP
15 180 Brett Gardner LF
16 181 Cameron Maybin CF
17 204 Brian McCann C
18 205 Alex Avila C
19 228 Jurickson Profar SS
20 229 Billy Hamilton SS
21 252 Brandon McCarthy SP
22 253 Trevor Bauer SP
23 276 Michael Young 3B
24 277 Mitch Moreland 1B
25 300 Gordon Beckham 2B
26 301 Aaron Hicks CF
27 324 Scott Baker SP
28 325 Francisco Liriano SP
29 348 Justin Smoak 1B
30 349 Jeff Niemann SP

By Position

C 17 204 Brian McCann
C 18 205 Alex Avila
1B 10 109 Ike Davis
1B 24 277 Mitch Moreland
1B 29 348 Justin Smoak
2B 12 133 Dustin Ackley
2B 25 300 Gordon Beckham
3B 5 60 Aramis Ramirez
3B 23 276 Michael Young
SS 11 132 Derek Jeter
SS 19 228 Jurickson Profar
SS 20 229 Billy Hamilton
OF 1 12 Giancarlo Stanton
OF 2 13 Bryce Harper
OF 6 61 Curtis Granderson
OF 8 85 Austin Jackson
OF 15 180 Brett Gardner
OF 16 181 Cameron Maybin
OF 26 301 Aaron Hicks
SP 3 36 Cliff Lee
SP 4 37 Cole Hamels
SP 7 84 Matt Moore
SP 14 157 Brett Anderson
SP 21 252 Brandon McCarthy
SP 22 253 Trevor Bauer
SP 27 324 Scott Baker
SP 28 325 Francisco Liriano
SP 30 349 Jeff Niemann
CL 9 108 Joe Nathan
CL 13 156 Jonathan Broxton


By: Zenguerrilla
On: 3/8/2013 8:44:00 AM
Nice team if you have a 6 man DL. :p To much injury risk for my taste. I'd be a little nervous if this was a no trade league. I'm passing on Stanton this year. Something fishy with a big guy like that having those weird leg muscle strains all the time. I like some of the guys who you bought low on....and am also gung ho on Profar. Good Luck
By: martin8741
On: 3/8/2013 10:30:00 AM
looking over your online championship draft held last night, i would like to know your reason for (a)picking up granderson with your sixth pick. good pick if he wasnt to be out for two months. (b) matt moore, even though there are several higher rated pitchers?
By: msarvi
On: 3/8/2013 4:43:00 PM
I understand "going for it" picks in this format Chris, as you want the big prize. I'd argue that where you were picking guys that will probably start in the minors and when they come up will be rookies aka no track record at this level, you'd be better off picking second level pitchers that you could mix and match in 2 start weeks to maximize those categories.

I'd bet that those guys will be on the waiver wire after 3 or 4 weeks of being in the minors. At that point you could scoop them up in FAAB for little investment a little closer to when they are called up. I could see this in the Draft Championship leagues where you have 50 roster spots in 15 team leagues. You probably could have had Grandy in the 10th round but whatever. You have 4 guys that probably won't play until May or later. I'm not in this one, but am competing for the big prize with you in DVR's league. Good Luck.
By: Chris Liss
On: 3/8/2013 6:36:00 PM
(a) Granderson isn't out two months from Opening Day. It was two months from his injury. He'll be back in early May, and a bone in the forearm isn't a big deal. In a 12-team league, I can get decent production from a fill-in OF and then 5 months of Granderson who's a 2nd-3rd round pick the rest of the way. (b) Higher-rated by whom? Moore had the most upside on the board in my opinion.
By: Chris Liss
On: 3/8/2013 6:41:00 PM
Msarvi - On the off-chance that Hamilton tears it up over the next few weeks or the Reds have some injuries, Hamilton is worth it. A SS-eligible player who could easily steal 80 bases is worth taking in Round 20 even if it's just a 10-20 percent chance he plays 4-6 months. As for Granderson - he might have lasted longer - I have no idea - but see above why he should not have.
By: msarvi
On: 3/9/2013 4:29:00 AM
Chris, I think my point is that in this league you have "Clogged" up your bench with 4 guys that won't play for at least a month. I can see one or two, but four is tough. I don't know who else was available when you picked these guys so I am flying blind here. I get the Hamilton value if he comes up, but I'd bet he's available in most leagues after 2 or 3 weeks on waiver/FAAB because once people realize they need the spot they will drop him. Another point is Hamilton could steal a bunch of bases late and score some runs, but he won't help in the other three cats. I do respect your "out of the box" thinking though. It helps me consider stuff that nobody else talks about. Also we could always have a side bet. I'm drafting Wednesday and it would be easy to track how we do in the overall race for the $50k. You'll have to email it to me, I have so many bets to track. :)
By: Chris Liss
On: 3/9/2013 2:38:00 PM
Right, but I can drop Hamilton if he has a terrible spring and gets sent down. Or I can hang onto him if he looks close. But considering the entry is $350 * 12 ($4200) and the payout is just $2100 per league, you have to try to win the big prize. Hamilton is the type of player that will do it for you if things break your way. And you can't count on getting your guy on the waiver wire.
By: thepearl-673
On: 3/10/2013 1:10:00 AM
If Chris had not taken Hamilton where he did, he wouldn't have got him. I had him queued up for my next pick. He also took McCarthy, Anderson, Cliff Lee, and Ike Davis when I was targeting them as my next pick.
By: martin8741
On: 3/10/2013 5:01:00 PM
Granderson (forearm) will return to center field when he comes back from his injury, The Yankees were considering moving Granderson to left field, but now that he won't have time to work on the new position in spring training, Granderson is currently scheduled to return in late May.
chriss the above is the injury report from rotowire. the reason i questioned the pick was that as per the above he will be out two months and be a third/fourth rounder for only 2/3 of the season. you are also correct that matt moore is a matter of opinion. besides these two questions i think you had a great draft. love the first four picks and profar/hamilton turn around picks followed by bauer. all great upside. if not you can drop them anytime. i joined this draft hoping to learn, and therefore the questions. thanks
By: Chris Liss
On: 3/10/2013 7:35:00 PM
It's all an estimate, but he got hurt on Feb. 24, and was supposed to be out 10 weeks. That's about May 8-10. But it could be late May. Either way, that kind of injury - I'm told by our injury experts - heals completely and shouldn't be a factor. If he is out for the first seven weeks of the season, I still think it'll pay off in Round 6. I'll have seven weeks of a full-timer to add to Granderson's stats.

And thanks for the questions, Martin. I thought it was a high-quality draft - not a lot of values slipping, Good luck.
By: Chris Liss
On: 3/10/2013 7:36:00 PM
thepearl - yeah with the big prize such a large part of the entry fee, you have to be aggressive. (Unfortunately after today's news, I kind of wish I had left Anderson for you).
By: Zenguerrilla
On: 3/11/2013 10:56:00 AM
The first 6 weeks are usually the best weeks to acquire free agents. I can't see handcuffing yourself with 4 sleepers who probably won't be playing then? One maybe two at the most, because if you get any injuries early in the season you will almost be forced to cut one or two. No trade leagues are real tough to stash players. Good luck....

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