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Friday NFL Notes

Friday's news and notes from around the league as teams prepare to make final cuts.

Top 10 Risers in Standard Leagues

With the fourth and final preseason game out of the way and teams paring down their rosters to the mandatory 53-man maximum, position battles we’ve been tracking throughout the offseason have be decidedly won and lost. With that, fantasy football drafts are now kicking into overdrive as leagues that prefer to wait until the last possible moment are now squeezing in their drafts before the opening of the regular season this coming Thursday. Thanks to that push, we’re seeing some movement in the ADP data that is both reflective of roster moves as well as public perception of expected performances. Today we’re going to look at the top 10 risers in the ADP data for Standard leagues and over the next few days, we’ll hit the fallers in standard leagues and then the risers and fallers in PPR play. This is your final push if you haven’t drafted yet. Good luck!

RotoWire Fantasy Football Online Championship - The Latest Installment

I took part in the latest installment of our RotoWire Fantasy Football Online Championship, run through NFFC, on Wednesday night.

It's a 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 RB/WR/TE, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D, 10 reserves league with PPR scoring (6 pts per passing TD). It was also 3rd-Round Reversal, meaning the owner with the first pick in Round 2 also had the first pick in Round 3.

I had the No. 12 pick in this particular draft. This year, I would have preferred the No. 1 or No. 2 slot, where like just about everyone else, I am big on Adrian Peterson and Doug Martin respectively, but after that I’d say the No. 12 is my favorite slot, given the back-to-back picks it generates. Of course once those picks are made, there’s a ton of waiting time between selection bursts after round three, but that gives me time to (hopefully) build a nice little draft queue and then quickly scoop up the duo that combines the best combo of value and fitting my roster needs at that point.

Norwegian YouTube Kicker Released

Bummer. Remember Norwegian Kicker and YouTube sensation Havard Rugland?...

Thursday NFL Notes

Thursday's news and notes from around the league as the preseason comes to an end.

Top 10 Keeper WR's

For anyone drafting a keeper league over the weekend, these are my 10 favorite receivers to target after the top keeper RB’s come off the board.

A Late Look At Recent ADP Trends for Quarterbacks

With so many people concerned about running back depth and sleeper wide receivers, the quarterback position continues to quietly ride in the back seat of the draft car. It’s not from a lack of importance, obviously, but most fantasy owners have figured out exactly where to start drafting their quarterbacks. If you’re in a one-quarterback standard or PPR league, it’s ok to wait until the fourth or fifth round before making your move thanks to the depth at the position. Two-quarterback league owners should probably make their move a little earlier as an elite QB can help give you a substantial edge. If you’re in a league that gives six points for a touchdown, the quarterbacks tend to go a little sooner overall and if your league offers up bonus points like five points for 300-plus yards or even a point per completion, you need to elevate their value. Simple, right?

Rotowire/Fantasy Feud - Fantasy Football Survivor Contests

Rotowire and Fantasy Feud offer Fantasy Football Survivor Contests

Rotowire couldn't be more excited to be offering a new take on survivor contests at Instead of picking teams you now pick players.

Wednesday NFL Notes

A look at the latest NFL news and notes from Wednesday.

Running Back ADP Trends for PPR Leagues

If you were wondering when ‘crunch time’ was, it’s now. The NFL regular season opens next week on Thursday, September 5th and leagues are in full-on draft mode right now. We’ve watched summer min-camps, OTAs, training camp practices and now three weeks of preseason games. The fourth week is usually where NFL teams are merely rounding out their final rosters, so the games are filled with scrubs and borderline role players while the starters sit on the sidelines having already established their roles within their respective teams. Sure, there are a few position battles to keep an eye on, but for the most part, we’re set and ready to go. It’s time for those who have yet to draft to start making their final strategy decisions and start figuring out who to take and where to take them. Time is running out.

Tuesday NFL Notes

Here's a look at the latest NFL news and notes from Tuesday.

RotoWire Staff 10 TM Auction Results

Tuesday afternoon some of the RotoWire staff engaged in a 10 team auction with two flex and one offensive position player.  So our rosters include 1 QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 2 FLEX (RB/WR/TE), 1 OP (QB/RB/WR/TE), 1 DEF, & 1 K with 6 bench spots.  Here are the results...

Big 10 Conference Preview and Predictions

The 2012 season featured a return to the national stage for the Michigan Wolverines and a breakout season from the Northwestern Wildcats. With Penn State and Ohio State both ineligible for 2012 postseason play, Wisconsin, with just four conference wins, found itself in the title game where they put up 70 in a no-doubt win over Nebraska, laying claim to both of the Big 10?s first two championship games.

The Big 10 and the Big 12 tied for the fewest number of draftees in the 2013 draft, totaling just 22 each. The bad got worse as Illinois, who went winless in the Big 10 last season, had a conference high four players selected in the draft. Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan State and Ohio State followed with three. Michigan and Nebraska with just two, and Purdue and Iowa with only one player drafted.

While the low total of draft picks might indicate a conference in decline, that?s not the case. Many impact players will return this season and the Big 10 is likely to slot in just behind the SEC as the most formidable conference in the country.

Monday NFL Notes

Recapping Monday's notable news from around the league.

Rotowire/Fantasy Feud: Free $1000 NFL Week 1 Fantasy Challenge

Rotowire and Fantasy Feud offer Free $1000 NFL Week 1 Fantasy Challenge

Rotowire has joined forces with Fantasy Feud to offer you a free chance to win your share of $1,000 in a Week 1 NFL contest.

Rotowire/Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Expert Challenge

Rotowire has teamed up with Yahoo! Sports this Fantasy Football season to give our users the opportunity to play against the fantasy pros.

Each week we'll offer Rotowire users a chance to sign-up for a 12-team fantasy football league that pits them against one of our fantasy football experts.

Top 10 Keeper RB's

For anyone out there drafting a keeper league or making that crucial decision over the next 10 days of drafting frenzy, this post is for you.

Sunday NFL notes

Sunday's news and notes from around the NFL.

Top 10 ADP Fallers in PPR Leagues -- Wide Receivers

We’re going to continue with our look at the ADP trends for wide receivers in PPR leagues today. We’ve already looked at the top 10 risers, so today we’re going to move on and look at the top 10 fallers for the last two weeks. There are a number of reasons that a player is slipping in the ADP rankings, whether it’s a position battle lost, suspension, injury or possibly even just a misconception by the public as to what to expect or what the player’s role will be throughout the season. Whatever the reason may be, slipping in the ADP ranks usually doesn’t bode well for the player’s fantasy value, however, sometimes, it can also mean that you can grab the player at more of a bargain rate than usual, especially if you think that eventually they will break out. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 10 fallers right now.

Saturday NFL Notes

The daily wrap from Saturday, August 24th in the NFL.

WR-Heavy Strategy In Auction Leagues

A look at the strategy I employed in the recent Rotowire Steak League

Friday NFL Notes

Friday's news and notes from around the NFL.

Top 10 Wide Receivers on the Rise in PPR Leagues

As the third week of preseason games begins, we’re nearing closer and closer to Week 1 games and that means fantasy football drafts are starting to kick it into high gear. With only about two weeks remaining in the preseason, the number of drafts occurring right now is rapidly increasing and that means more data for the ADP Trend Report to factor in. And more data means more accurate ADP rankings.

Thursday NFL Notes

Thursday's news and notes from around the NFL.

Wednesday NFL Notes

Wednesday's news and notes from around the NFL.

Tuesday NFL Notes

The sprained ankle that Andrew Hawkins suffered back on August 1 doesn’t seem to be healing as well as the team had hoped. He did switch from a cast to a walking boot, but is in need of a few more weeks of recovery time. He is expected to miss the final two preseason games and there’s a chance that the Bengals could put him on IR. During the preseason, teams are able to place one player on IR who is eligible to return during the regular season. The injury to Hawkins continues to help build the stock of Mohamed Sanu.

Tight Ends -- ADP Trends and Why It's Best to Wait

The tight end position is one that seems to be causing fantasy owners unnecessary fits these days. With the losses of Rob Gronkowski (for at least the early part of the season), Aaron Hernandez and Dennis Pitta, you would normally think that, based on the structure of the position, Jimmy Graham would be in high demand and most everyone else would fall to the wayside. It’s not that people should outright ignore the position, but knowing just how interchangeable most tight ends beyond last year’s top four or five are, the rush to grab one becomes much less urgent than it has been over the last two or three seasons.

Monday NFL Notes

A look at Monday's notables around the league.

Rotowire/Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Expert Challenge

Rotowire has teamed up with Yahoo! Sports this Fantasy Football season to give our users the opportunity to play against the fantasy pros.

Each week we'll offer Rotowire users a chance to sign-up for a 12-team fantasy football league that pits them against one of our fantasy football experts.

Sunday NFL Notes

News and notes from around the league for Sunday, August 19.
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