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More Marlins Mayhem

There are no words left to describe how badly the Marlins franchise is run.

Long Game Extra: Live-tweeting the Auction

Yes, it's that blog you've all been dreading... the one all about someone else's team.

More Late Spring ADP Risers and Fallers

With the season opening on Sunday night, it’s time for our last look at some of the risers and fallers in the recent ADP rankings. Again, since we’re just looking to identify simple trends we’re going to stick with the trend report on Mock Draft Central

My Portfolio

Having finished NL Tout Wars in NY, I'm done with all seven of my drafts (not counting a Scoresheet League I co-own with Jeff Erickson.) I like to double down on as many players as possible as diversification leads to lukewarm rooting interests in virtually half the league. Here are the results:

Last Minute ADP Risers and Fallers

As we start to wrap up spring training and head into the gloriousness that is the 2013 MLB season, fantasy baseball drafts are nearly finished. Sure, there are a few that may trickle into the first few days of next week, but for the most part, draft season will be completed by Sunday.

Interesting Spring Performances, Part Two: The AL

More spring mirages of dubious validity to make you do silly things at your draft table. Huzzah!

My NL Tout Team

I rarely go into an auction with a plan and to the extent I do, it's always pretty loose, something along the lines of: "Make sure to get two decent catchers who won't hurt your batting average." But this year - after observing the NL player pool and broadcasting the NL LABR auction - it was different. I was going to buy Bryce Harper, Giancarlo Stanton and Stephen Strasburg hopefully for about $100 (but more if necessary), get at least one more star hitter - likely Troy Tulowitzki (whom Stephania Bell assures me is healthy) or Justin Upton and then target some lottery tickets like Billy Hamilton and other top prospects like Shelby Miller and Oscar Taveras. Here are the results:

More ADP Analysis From the Mock Draft Army -- Part 2

It’s time to take a look at the rest of the most recent Mock Draft Army ADP taken from a draft done in the middle of last week. There have actually been a few changes since this draft was completed, such as

Interesting Spring Performances, Part One: The NL

As spring training ambles nonchalantly towards the finish line, it's always fun to take a look at spring stats to see who really jumps off the page and might be making some kind of statement or other...

My AL Tout Wars team

We did the AL Tout Wars draft Saturday morning, once again in "The Bubble" at the Sirius/XM studios. It was a different Tout experience than my usual drafts at Tout - lately I haven't paid for closers there, or spent much on my outfielders. But I'm also one to take the values where they fall. So to that end, here's my squad:

More ADP Analysis From the Mock Draft Army

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced a little project we were working on called the Mock Draft Army. In a nutshell, the Army is a rotating group of fantasy baseball writers from a variety of web sites who gathered and put together a series of mock drafts to help give you a better idea of what the ADP trends looked like in action. The drafts were made up of about half writers and half readers committed to doing the draft in its entirety, hoping to replicate what you’ll actually see on draft day. To keep it fresh, the writers were told to mix up their strategies to provide both a diverse and, hopefully, more realistic looking draft.

We brought you a look at the first Mock Draft Army draft here and compared some of the ADP trends between it and the ADP data from the NFBC. That first draft, however, was just 12 teams. With more NFBC drafts happening this weekend and next, the Army has been doing more 15-teamers lately and we thought now to be a good time to bring you another draft ADP analysis. We’ll take a look at it in the same way we did before. We’ll do two parts over this weekend and bring you a pair of four-round sections from our latest go-around. You’ll get a look at the sixty picks per section and we’ll highlight both the reaches and those who dropped further down the draft board in comparison.

Rotowire/FanDuel $500 MLB Opening Day Freeroll

If you're into fantasy baseball, you're going to be blown away by FanDuel - where fantasy baseball leagues last just one day. AND you can play for real money. With instant cash payouts and a brand new team every single day of the season - FanDuel takes fantasy baseball fun to a whole new level. Our friends at FanDuel are offering you the opportunity to try out FanDuel for FREE with the chance to win a share of a cool $500.

My NFBC Recap

I have never been one to hold up to peer pressure well. Since Peter, Jeff, and Chris did a NFBC challenge, I had to join the cool kids and do one too.

Recent ADP Trends in the Top 100

Each day, as we inch closer and closer to Opening Night on March 31st, the tension just gets thicker and thicker. Most leagues like to wait until the last minute to draft so if you’re in more than one league, this has to be a busy time for you. But it’s crunch time and you need to make sure your skills are sharp and you have as much information as you can.

Five Potential NCAA Tournament Games That Could Be Great

Perry Missner assumes the chalk is indelible ink and looks to intriguing games after the round of 64

SiriusXM Host League

My team:

Beat Peter Schoenke - Draft Results.

My "Beat Peter Schoenke" Draft Results.

My entry in the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Online Championship was Monday night. Here's my quick take on the draft - this is a 12-team mixed league, 5x5 categories, 30 rosters spots (23 active), with no trades in the league. It has a top prize of $50,000 and a league prize of $1,400.

Recent Starting Pitcher ADP Trends

Wait on starting pitching. That’s what they say. Standard leagues usually have 13 or 14 hitters who play almost every day compared to nine pitchers (usually six or seven starters) who contribute every five days.

Fantasy College Basketball Game of the Week: Syracuse vs. Louisville

Perry Missner gives his thoughts on the Big East and the championship game between Louisville and Syracuse

RotoWire OFBC Squad

My draft for the RotoWire Online Fantasy Baseball Championship took place Wednesday night. With the second overall pick in the 12-team mixed league format, I came away with the following squad (commentary below):

ADP Trend Analysis: What's Up With the Closers?

The debate is endless and almost tiresome at this point. Do you invest in closers during your draft or do you wait, pick up whatever is out there late in your draft and expect to play the waiver wire all season long? For every point there’s a counterpoint and the bottom line is that no one is going to fully convince the other side that their way is right. Me? I’m all about investing in quality closers. Two, in fact. And maybe I pick up a low-end third option late just for a quick boost in the saves category. Some people think it foolish and I think spending a big chunk of your FAAB budget chasing saves all year is a waste. Tomato, tomah-to.

My Yahoo Friends & Family Squad

We did the Yahoo F&F draft yesterday. You can read Chris' account of the draft here. Once again, this is a 14-team mixed league, 1,400 innings cap, 1 C, 4 OF, 2 UT spots league. There's no requirement for have a certain number of starters or relievers, just 9 active pitchers at most. I drafted out of the wheel at the 14th spot.

Yahoo Friends and Family Draft

This took place today - 14-teams, 5 x5, 1400-IP cap, standard Yahoo! rosters (only 1 catcher, 4 OF, 2 UT). I picked fifth. Here's my squad:

Recent Outfielder ADP Trends

Early on last week, we were wrapping up another position-by-position ADP analysis until we got sidetracked by a quick ADP study of a draft done by the recently created Mock Draft Army.

Earn a Free Six Month Subscription to Rotowire

Get a Rotowire subscription for free! has partnered with FanDuel - the daily fantasy sports site - to give you a six month subscription for FREE! All you need to do is the following:

Fantasy College Basketball Game of the Week: Indiana at Michigan

Perry Missner tries not to let presumptuous tweeters ruin his fun in watching the epic Indiana-Michigan game

A Rebuttal to Ron Shandler and David Gonos re: Mike Trout

Baseball HQ's Ron Shandler makes some ostensibly persuasive arguments as to why Mike Trout should not be drafted anywhere near his current price tag (top-three overall pick or $40-plus dollar buy), as does my industry colleague David Gonos. While there's little doubt it would be wise to bet on regression from his monster rookie year, I think both overstate the case and that Trout is an easy top-three pick.

Let's consider Shandler's (and Gonos') arguments in order:

ADP Analysis of the Mock Draft Army's First Draft -- Part 2

For those of you just joining our program, allow me to re-direct you to the article from Wednesday where we introduced you to the Mock Draft Army, a rotating group of fantasy baseball writers looking to provide you with legitimate mock drafts to help you in your draft prep. The Army had its first draft last Tuesday, a 28-round, standard 5x5 mixed league draft consisting of seven writers and five readers and we started to bring you some ADP analysis as a way to understand some of the rising and falling trends we’ve been witnessing over the last several weeks.

In that piece, we covered most of the first half of the draft – two four-round blocks to be exact. We compared those draft numbers with the ADP data from the NFBC mock drafts and found some pretty interesting things, but in truth, nothing so outlandish that you would consider your mind blown. Although, David Wiers’ first three picks were definitely unconventional, so maybe I’m underestimating what constitutes a blown mind these days.

Beat Chris Liss NFBC Online Draft

This took place tonight - I picked 12th out of 12 teams. Standard 5 x 5, 30-man rosters. Here's my squad:

KROD 600 AM Weekly Appearance

Here's an archive of my weekly radio spot on 600 AM in El Paso, TX with Steve Kaplowitz.
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Is he right?

RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
The 2014 AL LABR auction went down at the Arizona Republic offices in downtown Phoenix Saturday night. It's a 12-team, 5 x 5, AL-only league with 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B. 1 3B, 1 SS, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 OF, 1 U and 9 pitchers. Everyone has $260 to spend.
The Problem With Drafting Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton went for $28 in the NL LABR auction this past weekend. I discussed this with a fellow writer who participates in Tout Wars with me later this month and we discussed the problem with investing heavily into Hamilton.

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