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Early Starting Pitcher ADP Trends in NFBC Mocks

As we continue our look at the early ADP trends in the NFBC mock drafts, it’s time to check in on the starting pitchers. For a lot of people, there is an overwhelming need to grab an ace

Rudy Gay Trade Fallout

So far, the 'official' part of the deal has Rudy Gay and Hamed Haddadi headed to Toronto, with Jose Calderon and Ed Davis moseying down to Memphis. Calerdon, however, is expected to be flipped to Detroit for what may be a package of Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye. (UPDATE: The Pistons portion of the deal is now official.)

Here's a look at the fantasy impact of all the moving pieces:

Championship Game Observations

It's a week later than usual, but these don't expire until Sunday.

Early NFBC ADP Trends for the Top 50 Outfielders

If you’ve been following along for the past few weeks, we’ve been going over the most recent ADP data according to the mock drafts done for the NFBC.

Fantasy College Basketball Game of the Week: New Mexico at San Diego State

Perry Missner looks west and finds things to enjoy even in a low-scoring game.

Early Third Base ADP Trends Using NFBC Data

Sometimes when I’m sitting there running a draft, I feel like one of those old-timers sitting on their porch, sipping on some lemonade, and talking about the old days when things were good.

Early Shortstop ADP Trends Using NFBC Data

While so much can change from year to year in the fantasy world, it’s nice to see that you can still find a bit of consistency in certain things while doing your draft prep.

Early Second Base ADP Trends Using NFBC Data

When last I checked the overall ADP data here at Mock Draft Central was based on 119 qualifying drafts, so while we’re not quite where we want to be yet, sample-size wise, we are getting much closer and a lot faster than expected.

Player A vs. Player B

Fantasy baseball provides you with interesting decisions all the time, even when sometimes you don't realize that you have an interesting decision on your hands.

The inspiration for this article started innocently enough - a league-mate sent out the standard pre-protect deadline e-mail on which players he had available to trade. This was the DwMurphy Scoresheet League - one I've discussed before. It’s a 24-team mixed league, one where we protect just eight players or less per team, plus you can use your 19th round pick (and up to two other 19th round picks that you acquire in trades) on a prospect. You can’t protect additional prospects at the back end of the draft, as you can do in standard Scoresheet dynasty leagues. That e-mail prodded me into reviewing our team (I share the team with Josh Paley, from, to remind me what sort of keepers we have heading into this year.

Missing the Cut - Reds

We just finished the baseball magazine Friday, and of course a big part of that magazine is our comprehensive A-Z player outlook section, where we write the previews for approximately 1,300-1,400 players.

But baseball is a huge universe, - we can't possibly write outlooks for every interesting player, especially for the magazine, where space is finite. But there are some players we agonized about cutting, that we'll likely cover significantly during the season. Over the next few weeks, I'm going to write about some of those players in this space, team-by-team.

We're crowd-sourcing this, though, too - tell me about the less obvious players you'd like to see covered, or weigh in on our omissions. All of our current outlooks are loaded on to the site, so you can check the player page for verification whether we covered a particular player.

Without further ado, here's our list:

Fantasy College Basketball Game of the Week: Oregon at UCLA

Perry Missner eschews bigger (and perhaps better) games to take in some Pac 12 action.

Early First Base ADP Trends Using NFBC Data

The best part about the first base position is just how easy it is to deal with in drafts. It remains loaded with power and, of course, loaded with depth.

Early ADP Trends for the Top 50 NFBC Catchers

With yesterday’s introductory post on ADP and what we hope to accomplish in this series out of the way, we can now start dissecting the Trend Report a little more and start breaking it down into different categories

Fantasy Hockey Thoughts To Think About

Some fantasy hockey thoughts after four drafts in three days ...

Early ADP Trends Using NFBC Mock Draft Data

With the fantasy football season coming to a close, fantasy basketball already underway and little prep time remaining for in-depth analysis for your fantasy hockey league, it’s time for us to start getting prepared for the upcoming fantasy baseball season.

Division Round Observations

The Divisional Round was as good as the Wild Card Round was terrible.

Fantasy College Basketball Game of the Week: Missouri at Mississippi

Perry Missner takes a peek at the SEC and feels a bit rebellious.

A Lockout Winner

It would be hard for Montreal to have a worse season than 2011-12 -- they finished dead last in the Eastern Conference -- but I don't see a big change in the team's fortunes as we enter the lockout-shortened 2012-13.

Boylan takes over for Skiles in Milwaukee: Ilyasova back in starting lineup

Nick Whalen (@RealNickWhalen) takes a look at the Bucks' decision to part ways with Scott Skiles and how interim coach Jim Boylan will likely handle the roster.

Wild Card Observations

What a terrible set of games. Even the one good game fell apart completely. It was a beautiful weekend in LA, and I wish I had some of the time back.

Fantasy College Basketball Game of the Week: Lehigh at VCU

Perry Missner reaches into Tier 2 for this week's match up and discusses his dislike of the top 25 rankings.

Lockout Finally Ends, Will You Be Back?

After 113 days, the NHL lockout has finally and mercifully ended...

it's Time To Start Thinking About Baseball

It's been a fantastic off season. While there still may be more action, it's time to start thinking about baseball.

From 2012 to 2013 on the PGA Tour

The PGA Tour’s truncated 2013 season begins Friday in Hawaii with the limited-field Hyundai Tournament of Champions. Let’s look back at what 2012 taught us and forward to what 2013 portends.

RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today NFL Playoff Draft

This draft took place at noon ET Monday, December 31, live on RotoWire Fantasy Sports Today, Sirius 210, XM 87. It was PPR scoring, 4/6 and 20/10. FG are 3.

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RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
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