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Fantasy Targets From 2012 Draft Class

Following the excitement of the 2012 NBA Draft in New Jersey on Thursday (and the boos directed to Commissioner David Stern), teams and fans are infused with optimism they found a future star. Some of these draft picks are expected to contribute down the road, or way down the road (i.e. Knicks' SF Kostas Papanikolaou). The important question is, which of these rookies are going to be the 2012 fantasy additions to add to your team?

2012 Sleepers Series - The Rookie Specials

Last year I set a rule for my Sleepers Series that excluded rookies drafted in the first four rounds from being considered sleepers (I broke said rule once). This year I decided that is a fairly stupid rule.

My Five: Under the Radar Free Agents

My last post outlined the top Impact Free Agents which wasn't exactly earth-shattering stuff, still good to have a grasp on, but today I'm going to dig a little deeper. It will be the last list I compile dealing directly with offseason movements. The following signees have received considerably less airplay than the previous ensemble, but each could have a very significant impact on the 2012 fantasy season either by their own production or by their affect on teammates.

NBA Draft Live Blog

Greetings, friends! I'm here to kick off the live blog for the 2012 NBA Draft, but, perhaps, like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, I've always been here. That's a thing from that movie right? I'm rather excited for this Draft. Sure, the number one pick has been clear for months, and the New Orleans Hornets will be taking Anthony Davis with much joy. After that, things get interesting.

NBA Draft Day Rumor Mill Live Blog

Chris Morgan (@cmorganexaminer) will be hosting a live blog covering the draft starting at 5:30 PM this evening, but if you're too excited to wait to talk about all the crazy rumors going around today, jump in and talk about what you're reading. Kyle McKeown (@rotowirekylenba) will be popping in and out to chime in on the trades and rumors.

Podcast (6/25/12)

Derek VanRiper (@DerekVanRiper) and Fred Katz (@FredKatz) analyze the Youk trade, old Skittles, and the divisional races in the AL and NL Central in Monday's podcast.

For more of Rotowire's podcasts, check out our podcast center.

MLB Notes

A look around the league:

NFBC Week 12 FAAB Results

Chris Archer is a prominent part of the bidding in both leagues this week. In related news, get your Archer Quotes. Which one applies best? Share yours in the comments. Meanwhile, I keep FAAB'ing for Tyler Greene like it's going out of style. And I know out of style - this clearly isn't!

EURO 2012 Quarterfinal #4 Prediction: American Style

Three wins without a loss in quarterfinals predictions so far, but today's game is the toughest to predict because there is very little separating the two teams.

EURO 2012 Quarterfinal #3 Prediction: American Style

2-0 in the quarterfinals, so far. However, the next two games are significantly harder to pick than the previous two. Today reigning champion Spain faces off against the, until recently, undefeated French since the 2010 World Cup. The key to the game will be, like in all games against Spain, how much ball possession can France muster? Spain is so good at playing keep away and nullifying any attacking threat on the field. The winner of the possession game will win the game.

NBA Podcast (6/22/12)

Fred Katz (@FredKatz) and Jay Viner recap the NBA Finals, discuss the upcoming draft, and show some love for J.R. Smith's practice schedule on Friday's podcast.

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EURO 2012 Quarterfinal #2 Prediction: American Style

Yesterday's prediction was pretty much spot on and today should be no different.

2012 Sleepers Series - The Unclaimed Positions

Finally, after five installments, here is the first of what will be two new categories in this year’s Sleepers Series. While The Unclaimed Positions is similar to The Crowded Situations, the distinction between these two groups is that the latter involved a depth chart in complete flux (the Rams’ receivers), while the category you are about to read entails specific positions that are up for grabs between a handful of players.

NHL Fantasy Awards

With the NHL handing out its hardware last night in Las Vegas, we decided to look at the best, and, of course, the worst in this past season of fantasy hockey.

EURO 2012 Quarterfinal #1 Prediction: American Style

Now that Euro 2012 is in the America-friendly "win or go home" stage of the tournament, it's only fitting for us to compare each team to an American Sports team, starting with today's combatants: Czech Republic and Portugal. And yes, there's a LeBron James reference.

2012 Sleepers Series - The Crowded Situations

Last year I felt like the Redskins backfield was ripe with sleepers even before they acquired Tim Hightower after the lockout. That potential for any of the candidates to emerge during training camp or the season led me to create The Crowded Situations category, and this year I like the Rams receiving situation to finally produce at least one or two fantasy relevant options from a group of mostly unproven players.

MLB Notes

A look around the league:

Catchers Are Overrated

A look at preseason ranks versus 2012 value reveals a stark difference:

My Five: Impact Free Agents (not named Peyton Manning)

Today I'll discuss some impact free agent signings. In an effort to keep some drama to the list, I'm eliminating the obvious choice of Manning. There's no doubt if he's healthy he'll have a major impact on his new teammates, and the AFC West as a whole. When calculating who to include in this group of players I didn't focus solely on those who will score the most fantasy points, but who will have the greatest impact on his respective team overall. These guys might not necessarily put up huge numbers, but each should have a dramatic affect on the look of their respective units.

Fantasy Baseball Podcast (06/18/12)

Fred Katz (@Fred Katz) and Derek VanRiper (@DerekVanRiper) talk about Hawaiian timeliness, annoying construction, Matt Cain's brilliance, and more on Rotowire's weekly fantasy baseball podcast.

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2012 Sleepers Series - The Disappearing Acts

Just as it did last year, The Disappearing Acts falls in line as the fourth category of my Sleepers Series. It is one of my favorites because I have a soft spot for the guys that can overcome repeated adversity to once again find success.

NFBC Week #11 FAAB Results

I'm still hanging in there in the overall for the Main Event, but my once awesome hitting has been pretty mediocre of late. Odds at the beginning of the season that Brandon Moss would be the panacea for my ails at any given point?

Mock Auction II Draft Results: PK & TDSP

Almost three weeks ago I shared the results of my first mock auction for the 2012 season.  Since then, we compared the results from the second mock auction at QB, RB, RE and TE.  Today we wrap the series up with a look at player value variances at PK and TDSP.

2012 Sleepers Series - The Unrealized Potential

So far in my 2012 Sleepers Series I’ve looked at The Flashers and The Once Walking Wounded, two categories that I carried over from last year’s series. This week I’ve got two more retreads, starting here with The Unrealized Potential.

My Unusual All-Star Ballot

Dear RotoSynthesis Forum: I never thought I would be the kind of guy who would ever do something like this...

Last Chance to Pummel Jeff Erickson

Can you beat Jeff Erickson at fantasy baseball?

We have partnered with to give our users an opportunity to compete against Rotowire experts in Daily Fantasy games this baseball season. There's still time to sign-up for tonight's contest.

Mock Auction II Draft Results: TE

Just over two weeks ago I shared the results of my first mock auction for the 2012 season.  Since then, we compared the results from the second mock auction at QB, RB and RE.  Today we look at TE variances with regard to player value.

Can You Beat Jeff Erickson?

Can you beat Jeff Erickson at fantasy baseball?

We have partnered with to give our users an opportunity to compete against Rotowire experts in Daily Fantasy games this baseball season.

Debut of RotoWire TV

We're starting to record videos. Here are the first two:

Mock Auction II Draft Results: RE

Just over two weeks ago I shared the results of my first mock auction for the 2012 season.  Since then, we compared the results from the second mock auction at QB and RB.  Today we look at RE, which includes some shocking variances with regard to player value.
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