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Iron Men

I watched the NFL Networks' Top-10 Most Versatile Players show this week and it got me thinking: What if players still went both ways? Who would be today’s best iron men?

Backing the Red Sox BIG!

Well, I have been running around all day and noticed I read the starters wrong for today's Tigers vs Red Sox game. My quick glance saw Clay Buchholz  instead of Josh Beckett. Now, we must wager since one of my least regarded pitchers is on the hill in Max Scherzer. Good old Max simple racks up K's in exchange for earned runs. Maybe this guy would be a great closer? Regardless he is a thrower by all means and not a pitcher. Today's game.

Today's Games

Interesting day yesterday as I went 2-2, but dropped -195 so my record is now 32-38 -21 on the year. I have to say for being six games under .500, I am very happy to be basically break considering I am wagering nearly everyday which is not recommended. Why does Seattle own the Rangers? I was at the Twins game yesterday watching the scrappy Twins sweep the pathetic A's so I didn't see the Rangers game until later. I am not sure I have ever been so shocked after seeing a score. Maybe we can all agree Derek Holland is simply average despite spurts of greatness. You just can't get beat up like Holland does every so often and not be considered average. I also feel the momentum of the Angels has me thinking the Rangers are going to be in for a long dog fight which only a week ago felt impossible. I appreciate my man rkinigson contributing to my question of what the heck is going on with closers this year? Fantasy wise Rodney is the man it seems, but closers like Alfredo Aceves go one week with 2-3 saves only to be on verge of losing their job the next week. Look at Dale Thayer on the Pads who has been roughed up recently. There seems to be more cases of this going around than usual, but I encourage you all to read the blog by rkinigson. I hate nothing more than losing a game because of a closer, who I guess you could say, is perhaps the kicker on a football team. I feel the same pain when I see "wide right" as I do when a closer gives up a three run lead! There are no games I like today on the light schedule so I will be back tomorrow rested and ready to rock the weekend!

Can You Beat Kevin Payne

We've partnered with to offer you Fantasy Baseball like you've never experienced it before. Compete against RotoWire's very own Kevin Payne in his contest on June 1st. The contest costs just $5 to enter and there are $250 in prizes up for grabs plus an extra $5 if you manage to beat Kevin.

Game 1: A Bounce Here or There

Wrapping up Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals

NHL Stanley Cup Observations -- Game One

Just a few things that caught my eye ...
  • Anze Kopitar speaks English, Slovenian, Serbian, German, a little Swedish and a lot of shake n'bake, the universal language of hockey. Was that three or four separate moves? I think I saw Martin Brodeur's jock inside the net afterwards.
  • Six of one, half dozen of another. That's what happens when Ilya Kovalchuk switches from left wing to right to avoid Drew Doughty and gets smothered by Willie Mitchell instead. Net result. One shot on net.

Bullpen Performance: The Revolving Door of Closers

There's a reason most fantasy owners don't spend much trying to get saves on draft day. Things can change quickly and before you can say Andrew Bailey, another closer has lost his job. But this season has been even more bizarre than others, with as many as 13 projected opening day closers having already been displaced, and several potential closers waiting for their shot.

Notes on Conference Finals

Through three games, San Antonio and Miami are a combined 3 - 0 with two beat down games.  Are these series already over? 

Backing the Big Favorite Rangers

Have I mentioned I hate closers? I am guessing more games have been blown so far this year than in any previous year. There are simply too many bad closers period. I took one on the chin with a 2-5 night for -318, but I remain in the black +174. The A's blew another late game to the Twins which helped me on Monday and burned me last night. Folks, the A's not the Twins are the worst team in baseball. How do A's fans stomach crap teams year after year? Thank the heavens the Blue Jays clutched up thanks to Brett Lawrie who maybe will go on a roll as many of us (me included) had expected. I won on the Giants late. Brutal losses with Justin Masterson and Philip Humber. I will not bet against the White Sox anytime soon as their hitting is Rangers like right now. Also, it seems Masterson's run last year is more fluke than trend. How are the Albert Pujols owners feeling right now? The guy truly is a machine. Today's games.


My Five: Early Risers

Throughout the preseason I'll be posting lists of five across the fantasy landscape. Today I'm going to start with players whose value is on the rise. Things change fast in the NFL. Past success isn't always an indication of future performance, and vice versa. With the influx of new talent from the college draft, and the vast movement of players in free agency, the look of a team can differ drastically from one year to the next. My focus in this selection of players is to highlight guys who have a lot of room to grow, and have gotten some help to get there.

Time to Buy Lawrie?

Over the years, I have become increasingly methodical in my draft day preparations. Like many owners who play in several different leagues, there is a strong correlation between the rosters of my eight teams this season. As a result, there are much larger investments in some players than others, and of course, an even greater portion of the player pool that I avoided entirely because of concerns about playing time, injuries, or the draft day price tag simply became too high. If you are into investment terms, you would say that I shorted these players.

Backing the Blue Jays

Boy oh boy there are few things worse when wagering than hoping for a Twins comeback. Not only are you hoping they can comeback with the bats you also have to hope the brutal bullpen can keep the game in check. I got lucky as this Twins got out of a bases loaded jam in the 9th to seal the deal. I split on the day as I won on the Twins, but got a little crazy and lost the -1.5. I like a lot of games today. Today's games.

Podcast Back

Memorial Day brought the return of the RotoWire podcast. We'll likely be posting a new edition every Monday, as well as one late-week episode on Thursdays or Fridays depending on the schedule. A link to the return edition is posted after the jump.

Tuesday's Plays

After five straight losses, hitting my bankroll for -$550, my season record is down to just 13-10, +$258.

Backing the Twins

Great day yesterday as I went 3-0 +660 thanks to the Reds over the Rockies and the Mets over the Pads. I am now 27-30 +492 for the year. If Jamie Moyer starts again, I will unload  it all on the other team unless it is the Padres. Moyer is simply done folks. I have turned the corner thanks to hitting my large wagers and using the Run Line more often. Also, I finally found the right mix of gut instinct and trend numbers. There is only one game I like today. Today's games.

MLB Notes

A look around the league:

Upside In The Middle

Last night I broke down the top high-risk players entering this summer’s draft period. Tonight I’m looking at another group that’s good to establish early—the high-upside, mid-round guys. I’ve ranked my top five upside values and detailed why their skill and situation warrants targeting them in the middle rounds.

NFBC Week #8 FAAB Results

Matt Adams and Tyler Clippard lead the way, plus I found out it's not easy bidding on Greene ...

Mock Auction Draft Results

We haven’t even reached the MLB All-Star Break and my thoughts are already turning to fantasy football. I am not alone, and was joined by nine other fanatics last night, as we conducted our first mock auction draft.

Betting BIG against Grandpa Moyer

Interesting day yesterday as I went 1-3, but still won $80 thanks to a larger wager on the Nats. Kyle Kendrick looked like Roy Halladay as I lost the Cards -1.5, Pavano killed the Twins wager as I feared he might, and Zack Greinke pitched like Zach Thomas. However, the Nats won easily despite an average performance from Stephen Strasburg. I have to say I do not feel the "lock" feeling with him on the mound as I do when taking Roy Halladay, Clayton Kershaw, or Justin Verlander among other elite pitchers. But the Nats offense is pretty solid and lets face it they are one of the more exciting teams to watch. I also want to mention that my wagers are based on my confidence levels and not meant to encourage gambling. Today's games.

Worth The Risk?

Preseason can and will change the thought process so much going into drafts that it’s almost silly to project too much in May. But at the same time, it’s too damn fun not to, and it’s really never too early to start at least forming opinions.

Memorial Day Weekend Plays

Another rough night, but I’m still playing with the house’s money… season record of 13-8 +$458. I won’t be making wagers tomorrow or Monday but, as we all head out for the three-day weekend that signifies the unofficial start of summer, let us take a moment to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice so that we could enjoy our freedom.

Betting on Strasburg

Tough night last night as I went 1-3 -248 thanks to Johnny Cueto and Brandon Morrow not showing up. A loss is a loss, but I do not feel as bad since the numbers and the old gut both pointed towards the Reds and Blue Jays. One lesson learned however is that it makes no sense to bet against the Rangers at all. They simple are too good and too risky to bet against when there are several other teams less risky. I believe the gambler sometimes feels in order to get respect one must take more chances than simply sticking with the "safe" picks. For instance, I tend to focus more on the Twins since I live in MN and have a better feel for that squad than any other.  Today's games.

The Unlikely Finalist

New Jersey advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals on Friday, extending an improbable playoff run.

NHL Playoffs -- The Devil Made Me Do It

Just a few things that caught my eye ...
  • Yes, it's possible to bruise your boys -- just ask Adam Henrique. But it's nothing a bag of peas during intermission followed by a series-winning goal can't solve.
  • Soft and one-dimensional? Not this Russian. Ilya Kovalchuk laid the body and did the dirty work in the corner to set up the Game 5 winner. Then in Game 6, he did the heavy lifting (and hacking) in the kitchen to set up another winner. You think he appreciates the merits of playing a 200-foot game? Maybe he and Alexander Ovechkin should 'chat.'

Friday's Plays

Took yesterday and its seven game schedule off. I’m ready to improve on my season record of 13-6 +$658 with today’s full compliment of games.

Betting on the Reds

I am finally back in the black! I was down $1,205 on May 18th. Since then I am 11-7 and plus $1,015 as some big wagers have hit pay dirt. I am feeling very good about the Run Lines which is part of the reason for my improved picks. Also, I have limited myself too a few trends that I like and not going over board on too many trends. I wish all of you a happy and safe holiday weekend! Today's games.

Easy Money

At times, I feel like Las Vegas is giving money away and this is one of them.

Betting Big on Humber

I went 1-2 yesterday, but lost only $20 thanks to the larger wager on the Mets. I went to the well once too often with Ted Lilly. I will be more careful in the future when he is pitching on the road. Today's games feature plenty of shaky starters. I am all over the White Sox as they will face a pitcher making his major league debut for the Twins. Today's games.

Staff Keeper League Notes: Week 8

Staff League Week 8 review
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