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Market Value vs. Performance Value: Why Reality is Somewhere in Between

Figuring out what a player's stats are worth isn't the whole story.

NFBC Satellite Leagues

Do you want to compete against Derek VanRiper or myself in an NFBC Satellite League? Well, here's your chance. Greg and the guys from the NFBC have set up two satellite leagues for you to sign up.

Recent ADP Trends: Less Risers, More Fallers

As the calendar gets ready to flip to March (not yet, of course, so Happy Leap Day!) and the start of the season is officially less than one month away, it’s crunch time for fantasy drafts.

ADP Trends of the Top 20

While we await more data to analyze for AL and NL-only leagues (each one has just one draft, so the fluctuations in trends aren’t a good representation).  Let’s go back and look at the Top 20 overall

Deadlne Day (Lack Of) Surprises

Quiet day for most teams

Deadline Day 2: Nucks and Bolts

Vancouver and Tampa Bay make splashes

Deadline Day Reactions

Assessing LA, Nashville and San Jose

Shaking Bias

League championships are not won in February, but they can certainly be lost.

Moving The Needle

Using SwStr% to uncover some over and undervalued pitchers:

NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog

Trade Deadline Day has started quietly, but things have a way of heating up as we get closer to the final hour and one team blinks from their demands. We'll be chiming in here all day when news breaks with our reactions to each deal. Feel free to join in on the conversation.

NHL Trade Deadline Eve

looking at the Rick Nash saga for Monday, Flyers actually goalie shopping?

Blue Line Buzz Sunday Edition

Debuts, Returns and Letang Continuing to Dominate

Players To Target

Some guys I'll have highlighted on my cheatsheets.

Braun Decision And More

Ryan Braun has been vindicated. Some good comes out of every negative situation. In this case, I really believe the testing program will improve markedly.

Innings Eaters

Last week, in this space, I talked about how batting average is calculated and scored in standard fantasy baseball leagues, and how players who rack up lots of at-bats have a bigger impact on team BA. That principle may be even more important when drafting pitchers, as two of the four pitching categories tracked in standard 4x4 Rotisserie leagues - ERA and WHIP - are also calculated as team-wide percentages.

Jeremy Lin, the Miami Heat, Bill Belichick and Bruce Springsteen

There will be Knick fans jumping off the Jeremy Lin bandwagon in Western movie "just roll when you hit the ground" fashion today. After all, Miami exposed all of Lin's weaknesses and make him look thoroughly ordinary: 1-11 from the field, eight turnovers, eight points and just three assists. The bloom is off that rose, huh?

Expected ADP Risers

Given yesterday’s blockbuster news of Ryan Braun’s suspension dismissal,  along with the variety of reports coming in from Spring Training, it’s time to look at a few players whose ADP are expected to increase over the next couple of weeks.

Rotisserie League Mock Auction Results

I participated in a 12-team mixed rotisserie auction draft today and thought you might find the results interesting.

Points League Mock Draft Results

This week's Tuesday Mock draft on RotoWire Fantasy Sports today was a 12-team mixed points league, using Yahoo's default standards.

Trendy ADP Trends

As spring training finally gets underway, we’re going to start seeing some pretty interesting movement in ADP rankings.  Teams are still tinkering with rosters, managers are making some early changes to see how the players respond and players are tweaking aspects of their game, whether it’s trying a new leg kick in the batter’s box or adding a new pitch to the repertoire.

Adjusting For Position Scarcity

Let’s get right to the math… in a standard 12 Team Mixed 5x5 league there will be a minimum of 276 players selected; more than 300 when you include reserves. However, in this format there are only 250 players with a dollar value of at least $1, which means owners will be challenged to overcome position scarcity in order to fill their rosters.

The Drop-Off

In virtually every draft or auction, there’s a dynamic at work that flummoxes even experienced fantasy players. At some point, there’s going to be a run on a particular commodity, be it a position or a category. It might be that the final top tier catchers are running out, or the last of the 30-steal players are going off the board. Meanwhile, as you await your pick three slots away, you have the last two of that commodity sitting in your queue, waiting to take one of those two with your pick, only to see them both go before you. What do you do next? A common mistake I see is for the league owner to elevate the next guy from that classification to catch up on the run at that commodity, especially in the middle rounds of the draft. A related mistake, as articulated by RotoWire colleague Chris Liss on our radio show, is to prop up the last remaining guy in a tier to make sure you don’t get left out, when there’s better value available elsewhere.

Camps Are Open

Camps are open and we're starting to get some real baseball news.

Mixed League Owners Bucking ADP Trends for Starters

The debate over when to draft starting pitching is a regular occurrence each and every year.  On one hand, you’ve got people telling you that you need an ace to anchor your rotation; that without top flight pitching your team will struggle in both roto and head to head competition.

How to Address Closers

Closers are cheaper at draft tables than years past, but remaining patient when addressing the position is as important as ever.

What Exactly is Position Scarcity and Does it Really Matter?

Last season I wrote a piece suggesting, nay recommending, that owners pass on Albert Pujols with the first draft pick, opting to go with Hanley Ramirez based primarily on position scarcity.  In hindsight, there are so many flaws with that strategy it makes me sick to my stomach.

Players to Avoid

A few guys I'll steer clear of as fantasy drafts approach.

More Chinese Imports Arriving Daily

JR Smith could be jacking up threes for the Knicks by Sunday, and Wilson Chandler could be back in the NBA much sooner than expected.

Top 20 ADP Fallers

For every up, there’s a down.  For every in, there’s an out.  Every yin has its yang.  And for every 20 players that are on the rise in ADP rankings, there are 20 headed in the opposite direction.

RotoWire's 2012 Fantasy Baseball Mobile Apps

RotoWire has four new mobile apps for the 2012 fantasy baseball season and all are now live:

For the iPad/iPhone:

2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit. Get custom projections and rankings in your iPad, iPhone or iTouch device, track who's been drafted and get real-time news. A great tool to use during your draft or auction.

2012 RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Assistant. RotoWire's in-season iPhone/iPad app has full real-time player news, projected starters, watchlists, articles, closers grid and much more.

For the iPad only:

RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide 2012 If you have an iPad you can download the RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide 2012. It's the digital version of the magazine that's sold on the newsstand. However, the iPad version includes rankings, projections and outlooks that update in real time.

For Android devices:

2012 Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit Android App Get customized projections, player news and real-time recommendations. Download it here for your Android device or go to the Android store and search "RotoWire"

These are in addition to the free news apps we have for iPhone/iPad and Android devices.
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RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
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