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Week 8 Observations

Eli Manning's averaging 303 yards per game this year, and he would have had about 450 on Sunday had his receivers not dropped a few perfectly thrown balls. The Giants schedule gets brutal - @NE, @SF, vs. PHI, @NO, vs. GB, @DAL, vs. WAS, @NYJ and vs. DAL - the rest of the way, but NE, GB and WAS are in the bottom third in YPA allowed, and only NO is in the top third. In other words, those are good teams, but if anything, most of them (other than the 49ers and Jets) are likely to score points and force Manning to throw in the second half.

NFL Week 8 Live Blog

Tough decisions this week:

Matt Hasselbeck
Beanie Wells
Sidney Rice
Percy Harvin
The Redskins' running backs.
Matthew Stafford

Who created your lineup problems this week?

Never too Early to Look Ahead - Part II

In Part II of my late season schedule analysis, I'll be breaking down the fantasy playoff weeks, 14-16. In Part I, I posted my thoughts on the late season "push" weeks, 10-13. I'm going to provide three quarterbacks, three running backs, and three receivers to target, and corresponding guys whom I may be looking to move.

Don't Wait For Waivers - Week 8

A look at five guys who have done little or nothing this year but could become hot waiver commodities after their Week 8 performances.

2011 World Series Cards-Rangers Game 7 Live Blog

We really need a live blog after Thursday's thriller. Friday night features the first Game 7 World Series' matchup since 2002, when the Angels pulled off a surprising comeback against the Giants and Barry Bonds.

First Half Surprises; Second Half Considerations

Every season we find a few surprise stars that seemingly come from nowhere and reward those owners who had the foresight to draft them, or to grab them off the waiver wire.  Last year it was Arian Foster, Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick.  As we reach the mid-point of the 2011 season, let's take a look at this year's biggest fantasy surprises. If any of these studs are on your team, congratulations.  If not, I’ve also identified a few underperformers worthy of your consideration for the remainder of the season (perhaps you can convince their current owners to part ways with them?).

Which Underachieving Stars Can You Still Trust?

Philip Rivers, Chris Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald are among this year's top fantasy stars who haven't produced as expected. Has the time come to wash your hands of them or can they still salvage quality production and aid your quest to win a fantasy championship?

Double-Digit Spread? That's So Ravens: Week 8 Predictions

11-2-1 against the spread after another 2-0 performance in week 7, and we're back for more analytically driven Week 8 predictions.

NFL Notes:

A look around the league:

Week 7 Observations

Did anyone else have the Saints in Survivor and feel cheated? Usually, you get to enjoy at least *some* drama early in the game as your heavy favorite overcomes its opponent. But the Saints rolled so easily I stopped watching in the second quarter.

Missing the Cut - Diamondbacks

I'm starting the vetting process for the A-to-Z section of the 2012 RotoWire Fantasy Baseball Guide. Typically each organization has about 40-to-45 players that get included in that section, depending upon the depth of their farm system - if we had unlimited space, we could probably find 55-to-60 players to write about. Thus, there's going to be a few interesting guys left on the fringe, as well as some players on the 40-man roster that are fantasy flotsam and jetsam. The default is to try to include all 40-man guys, but in the last couple of years I've chosen to keep some lower-level prospects in there ahead of fungible relievers or third catchers, as the situation warrants.

Anyhow, the Diamondbacks were the first team I went through. Here are some of the guys that just missed the cut for inclusion - subject to change, of course. If you want to make the case that we should be giving the player more attention, by all means, make the argument in the comments.

NFL Week 7 Live Blog

Hey guys, did you hear that the Bears and Bucs are playing in London? Don't worry, Fox is on it!

Don't Wait For Waivers - Week 7

A look at five guys who have done little or nothing this year but could become hot waiver commodities after their Week 7 performances.

Never too Early to Look Ahead - Part I

For most leagues, the 2011 fantasy football regular season will be crossing the half-way point this weekend. For some of you, the season might already be over. And for others, you may be comfortably out in front cruising toward the playoffs. Today's column is targeted at the rest of you, those owners battling to climb up a few spots in the standings, or those trying to create some separation from the pack to make a push to the playoffs. This week I did an analysis of the remaining schedules for each NFL team, and in this first installment of my observations I'll be breaking down the "playoff push" weeks, 10-13.

What Does Jonathan Stewart Cost?

Opinions needed:

Tebow Time!!! Week 7 Predictions

9-2-1 against the spread after another 2-0 performance in week 6, and we're back for more analytically driven week 7 predictions.

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Week 6 Observations

Now that the Vikings refuse to throw to Adrian Peterson out of the backfield, is there any difference between him and Michael Turner? On a similar note, why don't the Jaguars ever throw to Maurice Jones-Drew anymore? You'd think a rookie QB would benefit from having a top receiving back as a check-down.

NFL Week 6 Live Blog

My SiriusXM Salary Cap Lineup.

QB - Cam Newton
RB - Adrian Peterson, Cedric Benson
WR - Calvin Johnson, Wes Welker, Victor Cruz, Darrius Heyward-Bey
TE - Brandon Pettigrew
K - Dan Bailey
D - Bengals

Don't Wait For Waivers - Week 6

A look at five guys who have done little or nothing this year but could become hot waiver commodities after their Week 6 performances.

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

I Believe In Campbell's Soup: Week 6 Predictions

7-2-1 against the spread after a 2-0 week 5, and we're back for more analytically driven week 6 predictions.

Week 5 Observations

The Giants can't run block or play defense right now, so Eli Manning is going to put up big numbers every week, especially with the emergence of Victor Cruz.

NFL Week 5 Live Blog

Beanie Wells' questionable status was a little annoying this week, again. I'm starting him anyhow. Which game-time decision is vexing you?

5 Surprise Waiver Pick-ups for Week 6

They haven't done anything yet, but I could see these 5 names popping up on the waiver radar after this weekend's games.

Playoff Baseball At Its Best

I don't know about you, but I think these are among the best playoff games I've seen in years.

Resetting the Canadiens

Coming out of the 2010-11 season, the Canadiens knew what their deficiencies were and made arrangements in the offseason to address them. But how did what sounded like sound policy on a sheet of paper in the summer play out on a sheet of ice in September?

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

On The Scene-At the Dbacks Playoff Game

Here I sit out in left field with about 200 writers.

Run DMC, Run: Week 5 Predictions

5-2-1 against the spread a quarter of the way through the season, and we're back for more analytically driven week 5 predictions.
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