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NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Big Hearts over Big Money; Applying Sports to Life

We all know last night's baseball games were amazing - the stuff we'll remember in 15 years like Bill Buckner and Kirk Gibson.  For me, the games were so captivating that they transcend sports.  Those games were about life, hope, and the feeling that anything is possible.  I mean, if the Rays can make the playoffs like THAT, then anything is possible.  No matter your career or your life, there are things you can take from last night. 

Here's my take, applying last night's games to my career/life.

It may be cheesy, but I think it's pretty damn cool to feel like anything is possible.  If sports gives us that feeling, in addition to the enjoyment, all the better. 

Stay For a Nightcap! - The Greatest Season Finale Ever

Turn out the lights the party's over... But not without a BANG!

The Rebirth of Matt Hasselbeck: Week 4 Predictions

4-1-1 against the spread after killing it in week 3, and we're back for more analytically driven week 4 predictions.

Stay For a Nightcap - Imminent Collapse Edition

As a Mets fan, nothing could make me happier than seeing the Braves and/or Red Sox blow their huge leads and get labeled as such big-time chokers that everyone will forget all about 2007. Especially the Braves. Anyway, they both did some more big-time choking tonight.

Week 3 Observations

Ryan Mathews is a top-five back. I can see ranking Adrian Peterson, Ray Rice, Darren McFadden and/or LeSean McCoy ahead of him, but no one else. Rashard Mendenhall and Chris Johnson are stuck behind poor offensive lines, and neither was particularly impressive last year. Mathews is getting goal-line carries now and is catching plenty of passes on an elite offense. Mike Tolbert is nothing more than a backup/third-down back at this point, and I wouldn't be surprised if Mathews cut into his third down work. If healthy, Mathews will have 275-plus carries, 45 catches and 14-plus TDs.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Till I Collapse Edition

Sending Tim Wakefield and John Lackey to the mound is never a good spot to be in, especially when you're trying to hold onto the Wildcard...

NFL Week 3 Live Blog

The Cowboys are my toughest lineup decisions this week - both Tony Romo and Dez Bryant have a high enough upside that the gamble is worth thinking about. I'm not so high on Felix Jones.

Who's vexing you today?

The Newcomers

Every year it happens. The top-10 gets party-crashed by someone not on the preseason invite. Every year. Like clockwork.

And that is why I've "locked in" my predictions for who will go on from this point to be one of the 2011 fantasy crashers. Enjoy.

Stay For A Night Cap! - Divisional titles wrapped up

Late September, the last regular season night of Friday Night Cap was by far the most exciting.  That includes two New York Baseball club rainouts and a whole bunch solid SP efforts unrewarded.  As of tonight, all six division titles have been clinched...

Stay for a Nightcap! A sign of Moore things to come?

The rundown from Thursday's action.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Final Countdown Edition

With a week left, the Red Sox and Braves continue to sputter down the stretch.

Brian Kenny Joins MLB Network

I'm thrilled that Brian Kenny has joined the MLB Network and has started hosting "Quick Pitch," their late-night rundown show. Here's hoping that his role expands with them over time.

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Boley's Folly & Week 3 Projections

2-1-1 against the spread, and we're back for week 3 projections and predictions.

Early Returns

Two weeks of the NFL regular season are in the books. There have been some early surprises, a few monumental disappointments, and as was the case last season, plenty of scoring. Today I'm going to give a quick rundown of my two teams, evaluate the preseason columns I wrote, and post some general assessments of what's happened thus far.

Stay For a Nightcap - Mo's Milestone Edition

With a perfect ninth inning (what else?), ageless wonder Mariano Rivera wrapped up the MLB saves record, passing Trevor Hoffman with his 602nd career K.O.

Live From Chase Field

This will be my last blog of the regular season. When next we meet it may be in the playoffs.

Week 2 Thoughts and Observations

Cam Newton didn't just own the rookie record for passing yards over his first two games - I imagine he owned the overall record for opening a season (854 yards). That is until Tom Brady (940) broke it that afternoon.

Stay For a Nightcap! - The Heat Is On Edition

Do the Red Sox and Braves have what it takes to hold onto the Wildcard?

Drafting Crosby (?)

Sid the Kid has been cleared for non-contact practices but how many games will he play this season? Will you draft him? If yes, in what round?

NFL Week 2 Live Blog

Game-time decisions for afternoon, night or Monday games are the bane of my existence. Hence, I'm hating life on Dez Bryant, Brandon Lloyd and Hakeem Nicks right now. All of my leagues require me to start the full lineup before the start of the early games. I'm petitioning for change for next year - just a ridiculous rule given the technology available in league management software these days.

Stay For A Night Cap! - Full Swing of Irony

Friday's recap

Stay for a nightcap! Where are the runs edition?

A look at Thursday's action:

Stay For a Nightcap! - Better Late Than Never Edition

Matt Moore made his MLB debut, while Brad Peacock made his first MLB start last night...

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

First Hockey Mock Draft

I participated in my first mock fantasy hockey draft of the season with many experts from

It was a 12-team league that required a starting lineup of 2 goalies, 1 RW, 1 LW, 2 LW or RW, 3 C, 3 D and four bench spots of any players.
It was a points league with 3 points per goal scored, 2 per assist, 0.2 per save, -1 per goal allowed, 4 points per goalie win and two points per shutout.

Let's take a quick look at the first two rounds.

The Kansas City Shuffle: Week 2 Predictions

After going 1-0-1 against the spread in a crazy week 1, we're back for week 2 projections and predictions.

Stay For A Night Cap! - Potentially Explosive

Tuesday night recap

A Baker's Dozen of Initial Impressions From Week 1

After a great Week 1, Kevin Bobrow from My Daily Fantasy Football provides his thoughts on the early action, both from an overall and a fantasy perspective.
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Don't let people tell you analytics are reductionist and take the joy out of sports. They mostly just take the stupidity out of sports.

Is he right?

RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
The 2014 AL LABR auction went down at the Arizona Republic offices in downtown Phoenix Saturday night. It's a 12-team, 5 x 5, AL-only league with 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B. 1 3B, 1 SS, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 OF, 1 U and 9 pitchers. Everyone has $260 to spend.
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