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Stay For a Nightcap! - Wheelin' & Dealin' Edition

The trade deadline has come and gone...

Sunday NFL Notes

A rundown of Sunday's events:

Trade Deadline Live Blog

After a very busy Saturday, we still have four hours until this year's non-waiver trade deadline expires. We've already seen Michael Bourn go to the Braves this morning, and the Rafael Furcal trade to St. Louis become official.

Who's next? What are your thoughts on the trades so far? Share your thoughts here.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Ubaldo Got Traded To... Who??? Saturday Edition

There's no truth to the rumor than 'ubaldo' is actually a Shawnee word meaning 'filthy stuff'. I actually think this is a good trade for Cleveland. Jimenez isn't a rental, so while they gave up a lot of pitching prospect depth to get him Ubaldo should still be anchoring the rotation when the various Chisenhalls and Kipnii are ready to make an impact. Or they'll flip him in a couple of years in a Sabathia-like deal to replenish that prospect depth. Either way it's makes sense given where the Indians are right now as a club.

Screw you, Kevin Payne

Some fun stuff, don't hold back peeps!

Saturday NFL Notes

Saturday saw more news coming out of camps, but little free agent movement.

Stay For a Nightcap - The Next Shoe Drops

The Next Shoe Drops

- The Phillies were in heavy on the Carlos Beltran talks, so their acquisition of Hunter Pence wasn't really a case of them answering the Giants. Moreover, manager Charlie Manuel has been asking for another right-handed hitter for some time now, and not just after losing two games in a row to the Giants. Domonic Brown gets buried in the short-term because of this, but this shouldn't really matter in the long run for him. Next year, Brown will be out there again and Raul Ibanez will be gone. Realistically, Manuel wasn't going to bench Ibanez for Brown for the stretch run, and Brown will be back in September at the latest. So don't fret if you own Brown in a keeper league.

For the Astros, this makes sense. It hurts their fans to see them lose their best hitter now, but the Astros for once traded a guy at the peak of his value and got a full return for him. This is going to be a long haul to rebuild this franchise, and their upper levels of the farm system are bereft of elite talent. By the time the Asros are next good, Pence will be a lot more expensive and yet not an elite level player, getting close to his free agency window. The short-term fantasy impact should be that Jason Bourgeois plays more regularly - we can only wait and see in that regard. It would help if he can stay healthy.

It's long overdue, but the Astros appear to be doing the right thing by selling everything not nailed down with an industrial grade nail gun. Well, at least I thought that until I saw that they weren't willing to trade Clint Barmes to the Brewers. Unless they are balking at the Brewers' offer, I can't see how this makes any sense. Who cares about the Brewers being in the same division? It's Clint Freaking Barmes we're talking about here - yes, 32-year old .718 OPS middle infielders pretty much grow on trees. Go out and get another in the offseason, or develop one in your own system for once. It isn't that hard.

Friday NFL Notes

Free agents could finally sign their contracts tonight, and other than Nnamdi Asomugha, no substantial names changed teams and the day was punctuated by things that aren't happening.

Stay for a nightcap! Sweeps and near cycle misses edition!

The rundown from Thursday:

Thursday NFL Notes

With numerous player moves and rookie signings, the day was highlighted by several big trades, including Kevin Kolb, Chad Ochocinco and Reggie Bush.

Side Sessions

Pitchers throw side sessions between starts. They use them to stay sharp, to experiment with possible additions to their repertoire, and to work on issues related to mechanics. Bogfella, is no different, there are things that need to be discussed between Notebooks and this is the forum to do just that. This won't be the in-depth stuff, it's for short takes on all the latest mound happenings. Feel free to comment. Agree? Disagree? Let's talk about it!

Stay For A Night Cap! - No-hitters, trade-wake and division races

  Set aside Santana's feat and consider the very same type of odd no-hitter was going on... about 20 miles west. No-hitters, trade-wake and division races to cover, so let's get right to it.

Wednesday's NFL Wrap

Lots of big news today, headlined by Sidney Rice, Donovan McNabb and DeAngelo Williams.

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Stay For a Nightcap - The Human Element

The Human Element

Anything else that I possibly could have lead with had to be thrown out the window thanks to the Pirates-Braves game. The oblique injury to Brian McCann would have been enough for the lead, but then the game morphed into epic stage. It was notable not only because of how long it went, but because of the vast amount of glorious #FAIL that it featured. To wit:

- The Pirates were shut out over the final 17 innings of the game
- The Braves didn't have any extra-base hits in the game.
- Martin Prado managed to go 0-for-9.
- The Pirates laid down three sacrifice bunts in extra innings, twice with Scott Proctor on the mound.
- Joel Hanrahan was the only non-starting pitcher to not get into the game. Good thing there weren't any high-leverage situations in the game or anything. Instead, Daniel McCutchen, who had pitched three of the previous four nights, was left in there to throw 92 pitches.
- DirecTV's feed on Extra Innings went out after the six-hour window expired, leaving a ton (well, let's not exagerate, at this point it was a select few watching) of viewers hanging in the balance. Fortunately I was able to watch it on the channel reserved for the Pittsburgh Fox Sports (or ROOT, I think) affiliate, after some searching.
- Scott Proctor did a total face plant getting out of the batter's box on the play that decided the game. Had the Pirates seen that, they could have easily turned the double play and gotten out of the inning. Don't get me wrong - Pedro Alvarez made the right decision in the time he had to make it, and made a great throw to boot.
- And then there's the call by home plate umpire Jerry Meals. Insert whatever argument you have in favor of getting real instant replay in, because it obviously applies here. I'd also argue that if you can replay the Pine Tar Game from the point of the bad call, you can replay this game from that point. This call was way worse than Jim Joyce's call last year, if for no other reason than it decided the outcome of the game, for two teams that are in playoff contention.

Rotowire/FanDuel $200 Challenge

We've partnered up with FanDuel to offer our users another chance to win $200.

Random Thoughts on Losing Ugly

It was an awful night for the Indians, the White Sox and the Rangers. But that's baseball.

NFL Notes

Here are a few announced free-agent signings as the lockout has ended and NFL business is back:

Stay For a Nightcap - Texplosionary Rangers Edition

The Twins may have a new appreciation for Target Field's pitcher-friendly confines after Monday night's whupping in Arlington.

Trade Deadline Observations

If you have a pitcher that's a candidate to be traded - James Shields, Jeff Niemann, Erik Bedard, Hiroki Kuroda or Wandy Rodriguez, for example - things are more likely to get worse than they are to get better. That's because most of the prospective buyers are teams in hitter's parks. None of the teams with the most extreme pitcher's parks - the Mariners, Rays, A's, Padres, Mets, Dodgers or Marlins - are buying right now, and that means your pitcher is likely to wind up in Yankee Stadium, Arlington, the Great American Ballpark, Miller Field, US Cellular Field or some other place where baseballs tend to fly into the seats. The presumably better run support will help - as will not having to face that team's offense any more - but if you're a Shields owner, you'd probably rather the deadline come and go uneventfully. One notable exception might be Jeremy Guthrie of the Orioles who's pitching in the brutal AL East in a roughly neutral park. A trade to the Cardinals or even the Brewers (though their defense is abysmal) would be an upgrade.

Tis the Season: The Five Moves That Will Most Impact Fantasy

Finally. Finally, finally, finally.

Christmas in July is here. Hanukkah hath come early. With the players’ ratification of the new CBA coming today, the next week may have eight craaaazy nights.

Free agency will tentatively begin tomorrow. As we now begin to amp up for fantasy drafts, we will finally get to see the free agency chaos unravel and make the necessary edits to our draft boards. So in the spirit of the moment and making bold claims, I have compiled the five offseason moves that will most greatly affect the impending fantasy season.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Walk Off in the NL Central Edition

The Pirates, Cubs, and Reds all had walk off wins on Sunday...

Stay For a Nightcap! - Last Night a DJ Saved Tampa's Season Saturday Edition

Well, maybe not, but it was a heck of a debut.

Stay For A Night Cap! Division Races and Hitting Pitchers

Of all the action tonight, Central Division match-ups on both sides of the league seemed to have the most juice.  Let's get to another Friday Night, Night Cap

Stay for a nightcap! Kipnis in July!

Prized prospect Jason Kipnis is up for the Tribe. Grady Sizemore is out 4-6 weeks. Here's what else happened Thursday:

Side Sessions

Pitchers throw side sessions between starts. They use them to stay sharp, to experiement with possible additions to their repertoire, and to work on issues related to mechanics. Bogfella, is no different, there are things that need to be discussed between Notebooks and this is the forum to do just that. This won't be the in-depth stuff, it's for short takes on all the latest mound happenings. Feel free to comment. Agree? Disagree? Let's talk about it.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Broken, Battered, & Bruised Edition

The pain train made lots of stops on Wednesday...

NFL Notes

A look around the league...

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Stay For a Nightcap - Sloppy Monday Edition

Unearned runs galore Monday, as every game but one featured at least one fielding error in an impressive league-wide display of stone hands and glass arms.
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