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Finals - Get Your Prediction In!

Let's hear your two cents.

Back To Work: Projections On A Tuesday

I hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend as much as I did.  I’m feeling rested and refreshed, and ready to turn things around with my wagers.

Stay For a Nightcap - So Long Soria Edition

The Royals gave Joakim Soria a lot of rope, and he finally hung himself with it.

Moving the Needle

It's hard for a first-round pick to move up significantly, but aside from Jose Bautista, Ryan Braun is probably the top hitter in fantasy baseball this year. While Braun's 12 home runs and .588 slugging percent are improvements over last year's rates, the number that jumps out most is his 13 steals in 14 attempts. New manager Ron Roenicke is more aggressive on the basepaths than his predecessor Ken Macha - the Brewers are 14th in the majors in stolen bases this year as opposed to 21st last year - and Braun in particular is getting the green light. At this pace, a 35-35 season is within reach, and with Braun, you're virtually assured of a good batting average. Only Carlos Gonzalez (and maybe Matt Kemp) offer the same speed-power-average upside, and Gonzalez is struggling so far this year.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Offensive Explosion Edition

Scorers were up on Sunday, just ask John Danks and a slew of other starting pitchers.  Also, what's up with Joakim Soria?

Monday/Memorial Day thoughts!

A Bonus Edition!

Stay For a Nightcap! - Ned Yost Hates Starting Pitchers Saturday Edition

First he came for Vin Mazzaro, and I stayed silent because I didn't have Mazzaro on my fantasy team. Then he came for Sean O'Sullivan, and again I did not speak out, for O'Sullivan was not on my roster. Then he came for Mike Montgomery...

The First Year Player Draft-Some Preview Thoughts

June 6-8 are critical dates for every franchise in major league baseball. During that time, big league organizations will stock their teams with players they choose in the first year player draft.

Stay For a Nightcap - Drinking Alone Edition

I'm not saying that I'm drinking alone or that you're drinking alone. I'm just saying that I'm writing this on a Friday night, and also that I'm a Mets fan.

New York, New York: Projections On A Friday

Before heading out for the holiday weekend, I hope to make a dent in my losses staying closer to home.

NHL Playoff Observations -- Heading Into Game 7

Just a few things that caught my eye:
  • Watch for the NHL's director of confetti management to be in Boston tonight. The post-game debacle in Vancouver should have taught them a serious lesson. Hand scraping -- and about 90 minutes of it -- was the only way to get that crap off the ice. What if that goal had been disputed... and overturned?
  • Dwayne Roloson won't be on a short leash -- he'll be on a choke chain. Game 6 was ugly. He's beyond done.

Stay for a nightcap! Einhorn is Finkle!

Thursday's recap

MLB Notes

A look around the league:

Here We Go Again: Projections On A Thursday

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.  At least I didn’t lose any more (hypothetical) money on yesterday’s action.

Stay For A Night Cap! - None Shall Pass Edition

Buster Posey blocked the plate last night and it cost him.

Mix And Match: Projections On A Wednesday

My recent success in picking winners and O/U is encouraging.  Can the break-even point be far behind?

Tuesday Morning Afterthoughts

Yesterday was "comeback" day in baseball. Some guys came back with thunder in their bats!

The Longest Journey Begins With The First Step: Projections On A Tuesday

So that’s what it feels like to win a wager.  I could get used to this.

Stay For A Night Cap! - Return of the D.L.

For several teams, change came lightning in on Monday night. What a difference a day can make is old news to a few suspect relievers on our scroll tonight. Its the position players that came back and really made a difference tonight. Yes indeed, it was a night for returns.

NHL Playoff Observations -- Monday Night

Just a few things that caught my eye:
  • Isn't that Guy Boucher a sneaky fellow? Dwayne Roloson is our number one. Geez, no-one saw that head game coming. A few years ago, it would have been called playing with your opponent. Now? It's called sports psychology.
  • Saint John Sea Dog captain Mike Thomas has a better playoff beard than two-thirds of the NHLers left in the postseason. The over-ager probably had it in Grade 6.

Moving The Needle

Updated thoughts on James Shields, Albert Pujols and Jason Heyward.

Stay For A Night Cap! - Sundae Beisbol Edition

Round 1 of interleague play comes to a close.

Beggars Can't Be Choosers: Projections On A Monday

Considering how poorly I’ve been doing of late, breaking even is a minor moral victory.

Stay For a Nightcap - Insert REM and/or Blondie Joke Here Saturday Edition

Although really, the theme song for the rapture should have been Jeff Lynne's one solo hit Lift Me Up, released in the post-Traveling Wilburys afterglow.

It's The End Of The World As We Know It: Projections On A Sunday

I may be off to a terrible start with my wagers, but I’m not nearly as wrong as Harold Camping.

NHL Playoff Observations -- Saturday Night

Just a few things that caught my eye:
  • No bear bells on him. Simon Gagne is the ultimate Bruin killer - the game winner Saturday is his third against Boston. The first two? Game 4 last season to start the Philly rally against the B's and then Game 7 to cap one of the greatest comebacks in history. Wow.
  • The parallels between Friday and Saturday were frightening. Two first-period 3-0 leads; two collapses. But one team bent while the other broke. Into several pieces.

New Day, Same Old Story: Celebration On A Saturday

My fourth blown save loss.  Nothing more to say.

Stay For A Night Cap! - Inter-League Rapture

The most interesting read I've found on this "The Rapture" yack, is the first line on it's wiki page ?The Rapture is a reference to the being caught up. So rather than fill up on empty promises, let's examine the opening night MLB's 15th season that has included interleague play. Indeed interleague play has had it's proponents and opponents. One thing is for sure, it does add some juice to long haul of a 162-game schedule. And so we begin the battle of many regional and even some old-time baseball rivalries. Screw ?The Rapture?, let's take in the first interleague play of the year.

Forensic Fantasy: Joel Hanrahan

If this gets spun off into a CSI series, I'm calling dibs on Love Reign O'er Me for the theme song.

Friday Morning Edition

Inter-league games begin today and the controversy continues.

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