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Monday Morning Thoughts

The weekend before the Super Bowl is rather dull, no?

Talkin' Baseball

 We'll talk porn stars, cocaine, and sleepers in this week's edition...

Two Weeks and a Few Days Until Spring Training

Two weeks and a few days until spring training begins. There have been some puzzling decisions and strange moves. But that's really par for the course.

The Tale of Voros

Really interesting piece by Jeff Passan on Voros McCracken, the father of DIPS.

Monday Morning Thoughts

On the east coast, it's Monday, no matter how frickin' cold it is.  Also, despite there only being two football games, my biggest blog yet.

Conference Championship Live Blog

Kickoff in 30 minutes. Who do you have?

The Rays Signed Who?......and Who?

Interesting Friday in Tampa.

Weekend Wire - Updated Waiver Wire Selections

Are the Trail Blazers the NBA's most snakebit franchise?

Blast From The Past - Cheap Power

It's very easy to lock in on player movement by tracking where the big names go during the offseason. In many instances, roster turnover is a big game of musical chairs, but for the teams that can't afford to spend large sums of cash on the open market, cheap in-house replacements become key players. When these players are highly touted prospects in their early-20s, excitement brews and hype follows at the draft table.

Investing properly in that young talent can certainly help propel your team to a championship, but it can also carry plenty of risk and disappointment when unexpected difficulty occurs during the adjustment process.

More often than not, the players that give you a big boost are the early-season FAAB or waiver-wire additions, or the $1 endgame and reserve round buys that are purely speculation. Let's think of them as the overlooked players given a clearer path to playing time than ever before due to significant departures on the depth chart ahead of them.

Last season, Colby Lewis returned from Japan to be one of the more reliable starters in the American League, undoubtedly taking a place on plenty of successful fantasy rosters as an undervalued pitcher even with his lack of wins.

Fantasy Basketball Radio (in stereophonic text)

Come get to the heart of the matter in this Don Henley inspired basketball post.

NFL Notes

A look at the divisional round:

Premier League Wrap

Ravens vs. Steelers, Pats vs. Jets?  Not bad, but those match-ups don't come anywhere near the Liverpool/Everton, Aston Villa/Birmingham or Sunderland/Newcastle clashes that the weekend held in the English Premier League.

Division Round Observations

The Ravens-Steelers game was a joke. Yes, I had a half on the Ravens with the spread and another half on the moneyline, but my own personal rooting interests are beside the point. The Steelers got their first touchdown on a phantom pass interference call, the Ravens got their second because of a fumble that everyone stood around and watched, and the refs took away one of the more electrifying returns of the year on an inexcusably bad holding call. Not only wasn't it holding, it was textbook A+ blocking, and ref who threw the flag just assumed it was a hold because the defender fell down. In a game of that magnitude to disallow a touchdown based on something you didn't actually see is beyond failing at your job - it's failing at life and in so doing, destroying whatever slim hope there was for humanity prior to Saturday.

Monday Morning Thoughts

The Divisional Weekend is done.

Fantasy Basketball in a Lockout Season

What will NBA fantasy players do if the NBA owners lockout the players next season?

Divisional Games Sunday Live Blog

The two games today have much bigger spreads. So when you say who you've got today, feel free to comment on the line as well. I was very chalky today, taking both favorites. In fact, the Bears were a consensus pick in our Staff Picks feature.

Golf Staff League Auction Results

We had the staff league auction last Sunday, here are the results...

Divisional Games Saturday Live Blog

Firing up the blog a little early today - I might be away at the start of the PIT-BAL game. Who do we have in today's games?

Spring Training is Only A Month Away

Pitchers and catchers will be reporting to spring training around the 15th of February. It really isn't too early to start the planning process for your 2011 fantasy rosters.

Weekend Wire - More Trade Conjecture

The Carmelo Anthony trade rumors are heating up again -- the New York Post says a deal could be completed this weekend.

RotoWire Podcast

Talking football with Mike Salfino and Scott Pianowski.

How Big is the Super Bowl Futures Vig?

Taking a look at the odds to win the Super Bowl among the final eight teams, here's what we have:

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Bears at 2:1 to Win the NFC

Right now the Bears 2:1 to make the Super Bowl. They're also +350/-450 to win this week's game against the Seahawks, i.e., the real line is about 400, i.e. 80 percent. So if the Bears are 80 percent to win this week, and 33 percent to make the Super Bowl (which is what 2:1 implies), then that means they're only 41.6 percent to win the NFC championship game (on average). That strikes me as low because it assumes Atlanta would be roughly a 65/35 favorite (about 3.5 points) should the two teams meet. (If GB wins (and I think they will), the line would be close to a pick 'em). Essentially at 2:1 I think the Bears offer good value, and moreover, if GB wins, you could take them on the moneyline next week and have a nice hedge.

BCS National Championship Live Blog

Cam Newton vs. the speedy Ducks...

Lynch's Run Shook the Earth

This is pretty amazing. Marshawn Lynch's crazy run Saturday caused an earthquake.

Wild Card Observations

  • The Saints really missed Malcolm Jenkins at safety. To be honest, I had no idea who Jenkins was before seeing Roman Harper prove his vast importance on what seemed like every other play. Typically safety isn't considered an important position - you almost never see one drafted among the top-five players, and defensive linemen are typically paid a lot more. But when you consider the Steelers with and without Troy Polamalu or what happened to the Giants pass defense in 2009 when they lost Kenny Phillips, it obviously makes a big difference.
  • Potential Melo Deal

    The Nets, Nuggets and Pistons appear to be nearing a three-team deal involving 13 players and multiple draft picks. With that many moving parts, there’s bound to be plenty of fantasy value to surface on the waiver wire if/when the deal is pulled off. Below is a list of players who have been mentioned in the rumored deal. 

    Monday Morning Thoughts

    Wildcard Weekend is over.

    BCS National Championship Preview

    Oregon vs. Auburn with a live blog to follow...
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