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New Year's Day Bowl Games Preview

Some stats on the games coming up on New Year's Day with a live blog to follow...

Weekend Wire: Injuries and Opportunities

The latest injury reports on Kevin Garnett, Brandon Roy and others could create some excellent opportunities for fantasy owners.

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year in the Premier League

Remember in school, the token assignment on the first day back from Christmas vacation was the "what I did on my Christmas break." As much as the assignment stunk, it was a chance to reflect on the crazy going-ons that the holidays can be.

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

College Football Bowl Week 2 Preview (Part II)

New Year's Eve Bowl Games...

Some Projections Notes

I jotted a few notes here-and-there in the process of doing our projections for the MLB mag and the site. Here's a few observations:


Neither RotoWire team made it to the finals, but the $250,000 prize comes down to Tuesday's PHI-MIN matchup:

Week 16 Observations

  • While many think the Lord is on Tim Tebow's side, the truth is He's against the Texans.
  • College Football Bowl Week 2 Preview (Part I)

    The best of the pre-New Year's Eve bowl games...

    Monday Morning Thoughts

    My take on Week 16.

    NFL Week 16 Live Blog

    I have to say, Bob Barker isn't looking too good in those State Farm commercials.

    Another tough week to handicap - especially with Adrian Peterson and Andre Johnson. I'm advising the risk-averse approach with both of them.

    Fantasy Factor starters after the jump:

    Weekend Wire

    More fallout from Orlando's roster makeover and Brandon Jennings' injury.

    Daily Wraps: All Your NBA News from Wednesday

    Wrapping up all the news and games from Wednesday, these are the Daily Wraps.

    NFL Notes

    A look around the league:

    College Football Bowl Week 1 Preview

    There are a few bowl games this week, here are the best ones to watch...

    NBA Notes

    A look around the Association:

    Week 15 Observations

    Competent quarterback play isn't that hard to find. Rex Grossman, Matt Flynn, Drew Stanton, Kerry Collins and Tim Tebow all played well on Sunday. Ryan Fitzpatrick, Jason Campbell, David Garrard and Jon Kitna have been good for weeks now. Arguably the league's best player, Michael Vick was an afterthought heading into the year and could have been had for almost nothing before 2009.

    Monday Morning Thoughts - Holiday Edition!

    Hey, hopefully something strikes your fancy from my thoughts....

    Zack Grienke To The Brewers

    I must admit, I didn't see this coming. Zack Greinke is going to the Brewers.

    NFL Week 15 Live Blog

    I haven't seen a non-Week 17 week with so much chaos at QB this week. What a mess. I'm staying away from Dwayne Bowe and Matt Cassel in addition to all the teams changing QBs this week.

    Fantasy Factor starters after the break:

    Magic Blockbuster Trade

    I'm not as up on NBA as I used to be, but here are my quick first impressions of the trade:

    College Bowl Pick 'Em

    Bowl Season starts tomorrow, it's your last chance to join...

    Weekend Wire: Injury Creates Opportunity

    A couple of readers noted that my Working the Wire column – published Tuesday afternoons – arrives too late (or too early) for leagues with weekend waiver claim deadlines. So I’ll be publishing a set of additional suggestions in this space every Friday.

    RotoWire Podcast

    Talking football with Yahoo's Scott Pianowski.

    Joe Webb - The Must Add WR?

    With Tarvaris Jackson on IR with turf toe and Brett Favre looking unlikely to return this week from a shoulder injury, it looks like Joe Webb will start at QB this week against Chicago.

    Webb is a raw quarterback and so far his numbers are not exciting (1.6 YPA). He's very fast. "Whoa, who is that?" kind of fast when he takes off at QB. So he may get some rushing yards even if he struggles in the passing game.

    But if you are playing in any Yahoo! Sports fantasy football, he may be a must start this week.

    NFL Notes

    A look around the league:

    NBA Notes

    A look around the Association:

    Terrence Williams to be Traded?

    The Nets will trade promising swingman Terrence Williams to the Houston Rockets as part of a three-way deal that also sends Joe Smith to the Lakers.

    Week 14 Observations

  • After taking some bad beats against the spread for much of the year, I got some payback this week, and it was a beautiful thing - the Titans final drive that used the entire clock and destroyed any chance they had of winning, the two-point underdog Redskins missing the game-tying extra point to prevent overtime and Maurice Jones-Drew breaking away for a TD, when he should have knelt at the one a la Brian Westbrook and let the Jags seal the game with a FG, to name a few. Any one of those events can brighten your day, but taken in combination, they can change your outlook on life.
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    Is he right?

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