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(Very Early) Monday Morning Thoughts

"When you look at this jackass, I hope you think of me". - Kenny Powers

NFL Week 8 Live Blog

We try to watch all the pregame shows before kickoffs to try to get any last minute injury info. At least with the Fox show, I've found that content to be especially irrelevant, because it's broadcasted too late in the show. The news about those inactive and active are 35 minutes too late compared to other outlets. It's a waste of Jay Glazer's skills.

What to Watch: Week 9 in College Football (Part II)

Undefeated teams go on the road this weekend...

Winning One For The Polak

The Blues lost defenseman Roman Polak indefinitely, but it didn't bother them none. The same stingy defense was in effect Thursday night when they shut out the Predators, 3-0.

Picks, 10/28/10

Season: 233-228-2, +22.81 units
Futures: 1-3, -4.35 units
Props: 1-0, +0.95 units

Total: +19.41 units

RotoWire Podcast

Talking football with Mike Salfino and Scott Pianowski.

NFL Notes

A look around the league:

Picks, 10/27/10

Season: 231-228-2, +18.03 units
Futures: 1-3, -4.35 units

Total: +13.68 units

Undrafted Among Per Game Leaders

Through seven weeks of the season, there are some surprising names at the top of the positional rankings for average fantasy points per game.

Smart Ball

No more surprises. The Golden State Warriors you see as fantasy contributors now will be the same you see later in the season.

Notes from Mock Draft Central

You're mocking us -- and we like it.

Sirius XM Hoops Draft

The Sirius XM Fantasy Sports Channel (XM 147, Sirius 211) hosts drafted our fantasy basketball league live on the air this morning. It's a head-to-head 9-category format (Points, Rebounds, Assists, Threes, Steals, Blocks, FG%, FT% and Turnovers). Here are the results:

Hitting the Reset Button on Indiana

The Pacers got whacked in their final tune-up for the regular season last week and this wasn't the first disappointing performance this month.

What to Watch: Week 9 in College Football (Part I)

Boise State, Florida State, and West Virginia are all in action this week...

Preseason Notes: The Farewell Preseason Edition

It's time to start managing that team you drafted.

Week 7 Observations

Apparently Terrell Owens was voted the league's most overrated player by his peers according to an SI poll. It's therefore impossible that he's actually overrated. The most overrated player must be someone no one thinks is overrated, i.e., one who everyone mistakenly thinks is either underrated or rated fairly.

RotoWire Debuts Android App

RotoWire has launched a free app in the Android marketplace which allows you to get player notes on your mobile device with the Google operating system. Download the RotoWire Fantasy News Center for Android by going to the Android "Market" and searching for "RotoWire" on your mobile device. Or read more about the app here. Or if you have a bar code application enabled on your phone, take a photo of this bar code and automatically have your phone open the page to download the application:

Monday Morning Thoughts

My take coming out of the weekend.

Preseason Notes

A quick look around the Association as the regular season nears

NFL Week 7 Live Blog

I'm preparing for a lot of angst spilled one way or another with the Antonio Gates decision today. Even if he plays, how much can we expect out of him? Who else is going to make or break you today?

Preseason Notes or Something

There are no games tonight, but maybe you wanna come over my house and just watch TV?

My Private Conversation With Bryce Harper

Bryce Harper is as nice a person as he is a very, very good prospect.

In Defense of James Harrison

Interesting editorial in the NY Times today by former Broncos receiver Nate Jackson, explaining why Harrison is understandably confused and upset about the fine and the proposed rule changes.

Preseason Notes


What to Watch: Week 8 in College Football (Part II)

Michigan State @ Northwestern, LSU @ Auburn, Nebraska @ Oklahoma State, Wisconsin @ Iowa, & Oklahoma @ Missouri are all happening on Saturday...

Fight Night!

The UFC on Saturday....

Preseason Notes

A furtive glance around the Association.

RotoWire Podcast

Talking football with Mike Salfino and Scott Pianowski.

Blues Blog: Some Good, Some Bad

The excitement and optimism of the Blues' 2-0 start as given way to cautious detachment.

NBA Preseason Notes: The Straight Dope, Free of Charge

Our last Wednesday night together in the fantasy land of NBA preseason notes.
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What I Think You Should Know About The USMNT
Needless to say, it's been a great World Cup thus far. The USMNT having some success would be awesome.
La-La-La-L.A. Gets Lord Stanley!
Just a few things that caught my eye:
  • Alec Martinez's Cup-winning goal celebration? # priceless. I wonder if he'll ever get his gloves back.
  • Henrik Lundqvist stopped the 50th shot of the game. He couldn't stop the 51st. #connsmythe if the Rangers had found a way to come back in this series.
Do Analytics Take the Fun Out of Sports?
Apparently that was the topic of one of the presentations at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston last week. The presenter, Yale's Edward Tufte, opined:

Don't let people tell you analytics are reductionist and take the joy out of sports. They mostly just take the stupidity out of sports.

Is he right?

RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
The 2014 AL LABR auction went down at the Arizona Republic offices in downtown Phoenix Saturday night. It's a 12-team, 5 x 5, AL-only league with 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B. 1 3B, 1 SS, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 OF, 1 U and 9 pitchers. Everyone has $260 to spend.
The Problem With Drafting Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton went for $28 in the NL LABR auction this past weekend. I discussed this with a fellow writer who participates in Tout Wars with me later this month and we discussed the problem with investing heavily into Hamilton.

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