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Season-Long Wagers

I'm not condoning betting but here are my thoughts if you're interested.

Training Camp Notes


Picks 8/31/10

Season: 203-194-2, +37.25 units

College Football Preseason Predictions

College football is right around the corner, with the season beginning beginning Thursday with exciting games such as Marshall v. Ohio State and FAU v. UAB (also Pittsburgh plays Utah in what is honestly kind of an interesting game). Then, things really get interesting starting Sunday. With that in mind, here's some predictions heading into this season:

Stay For a Nightcap! - Youth Is Served Monday Edition

Now pinch-hitting-ing-ing-ing.... for Jeff Erickson-son-son-son...

Picks 8/30/10

Season: 202-193-2,  +37.25 units

Now It's A Sprint Not A Marathon

This is the most exciting time of the year in baseball.

Radical Top-10 By-Position Cheat Sheet

A couple weeks ago, I posted my Irreverent 150 (which I'll update this week), and while I wouldn't necessarily advocate everyone drafting based on my hunches, it was at least how I would draft in a standard non-PPR league. I'm going to take the concept a step further here, and post the "Radical Top-10" lists here. It's not necessarily how I would draft, but how I'd almost like to draft if hunches were my sole consideration.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Welcome to the Party, Pal

Carlos Gonzalez wants in on this NL Triple Crown race talk, but will Omar Infante have the last say?

10 Team Keeper Auction

I play in a keeper auction league each year with some friends.  It's a league for money, but there are no so called experts in the league. I'm not sure if my observations on this type of league will help people out, but I'll give it a try.  We get to keep two players from the previous season.  The scoring rules are also slightly different for QBs, with 5 points for a td pass and 1 point/30 yards passing.  It's a 10 team league with rosters of 2QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K 1TeamD and four reserves bought at auction.  Another four players are drafted after the auction.

Stay For a Nightcap! Tough Ranks

What do you expect from Jose Bautista and Brandon Morrow next year? How early will you draft them?

Preseason Notes

Notes from a busy Saturday around the NFL

On the Heat and Gambling

Now I know why Vegas is going broke.

Payne's Random Thoughts

The title says it all.

The Nightcap! (Talented and/or Handsome Edition)

Andres Torres went 0-for-3 tonight.

Whatever. He's still super talented and handsome.

Training Camp Notes

3D isn't the only one looking at football :)

Picks 8/27/10

Season: 199-189-2, +36.47 units

My Fantasy Football Rankings

The title is pretty self-explanatory.

Training Camp Notes

A look around the league:

Stay For A Nightcap! Who is Kenley Jansen?

The thoughts and notes from Thursday's action.

Picks, 8/26/10

Season: 197-187-2, +36.482 units

RotoWire Podcast

Talking baseball with Jeff Erickson and football with Scott Pianowski. Check it out.

12-team SOFA Auction League (First Attempt at Auctioning)

A series of complications left RotoWire with no representatives available for this auction. Except for me. Someone who hadn't done one before.

RotoWire Staff Auction League

The RotoWire Steak League switched to an auction format this year, but this auction league has actually been in existence the last few years. It's a 12-team league, $200 budget, 10 starters: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, RB/WR flex, WR/TE flex, TE, K, Team Defense. 7-man benches.

We did the auction on ESPN's auction software (which is pretty slick) last night.

SOFA Expert League

Here's the team I drafted representing Rotowire last night.

Preseason Notes

Here are Wednesday’s notes:

Training Camp Notes

Tuesday's notes:

Picks, 8/24/10

Season: 194-186-2, +31.982 units

Stay For a Nightcap! Waiver Wars

Cody Ross is a Giant, Johnny Damon could be with the Red Sox, and will Count Manny find a new home soon?

Preseason Notes

Monday's notables from around the NFL.
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What I Think You Should Know About The USMNT
Needless to say, it's been a great World Cup thus far. The USMNT having some success would be awesome.
La-La-La-L.A. Gets Lord Stanley!
Just a few things that caught my eye:
  • Alec Martinez's Cup-winning goal celebration? # priceless. I wonder if he'll ever get his gloves back.
  • Henrik Lundqvist stopped the 50th shot of the game. He couldn't stop the 51st. #connsmythe if the Rangers had found a way to come back in this series.
Do Analytics Take the Fun Out of Sports?
Apparently that was the topic of one of the presentations at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston last week. The presenter, Yale's Edward Tufte, opined:

Don't let people tell you analytics are reductionist and take the joy out of sports. They mostly just take the stupidity out of sports.

Is he right?

RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
The 2014 AL LABR auction went down at the Arizona Republic offices in downtown Phoenix Saturday night. It's a 12-team, 5 x 5, AL-only league with 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B. 1 3B, 1 SS, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 OF, 1 U and 9 pitchers. Everyone has $260 to spend.
The Problem With Drafting Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton went for $28 in the NL LABR auction this past weekend. I discussed this with a fellow writer who participates in Tout Wars with me later this month and we discussed the problem with investing heavily into Hamilton.

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