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Picks, 6/30/10

Season: 128-123, +24.12 units

World Cup: I Said, You Said

Several people went out on limbs with World Cup predictions. Let's give the tree a shake: the results are largely impressive. 

Stay For a Nightcap! Matt Kemp

Matt Kemp was benched for the third consecutive game, though he came on after Manny Ramirez got hurt. I just don't see the logic in it - I think it's a classic case of overmanaging by Joe Torre. He buried Orlando Hudson for an inferior player last year, and you could even compare this to how he handled A-Rod in the playoffs against the Tigers. I don't think this ends well.

Picks 6/29/10

Season: 122-122, +13.975

World Cup Tuesday: Super Spain Pip Portugal

In other news, Homeland Security called. They want a tape of the Paraguay--Japan match. They're going to ship it to Guantanamo Bay and use it in the interrogations of some of the hard cases.

Stay For a Nightcap! Anger Management

For all the derision that Carlos Zambrano has earned for his outburst, the Cubs have handled him poorly all year, before-and-after this incident.

Picks, 6/28/10

Season: 120-121, +12.795

Monday World Cup: Favourites Win

It was pretty predictable in the end, but the reward is a Holland--Brazil quarterfinal showdown.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Bossman Junior Edition

Where we discuss B.J. Upton's future, the 2 longest home runs of the season, the T-1000, & Emiliooooooo!

World Cup Sunday: Refs cook England, Mexico

The final scores were lopsided, but both England and Mexico were crushed by bad officiating when the scores were close. Argentina and Germany were better teams, but the losers have every right to complain that matters might well have finished differently if the refs had gotten it right.

The Indians Have Totally Mismanaged Matt LaPorta

The Cleveland Indians have earned their position as a last place club.

Stay For a Nightc... err, Hair of the Dog! - There's a Riot Goin' On Saturday Edition

Brought to you by the sounds of Sly and the Family Stone's best album, a barrage of German goals, and the lingering smell of burning police cruisers.

World Cup Saturday: Uruguay and Ghana Triumph

The USA fell in extra time. Was soccer's profile raised in America?

Observations Of The U.S.A.'s Final World Cup Game

My thoughts on today's game.

The Nightcap (Wife-Related Excuse Edition)

This edition of the Nightcap would've been brought to you sooner if the author's wife hadn't forced him to attend some kind of hippie party.

Picks, 6/25/10

Season: 115-118, +9.595 units.

World Cup Friday: Anticlimactic Last 16 Setup

Brazil and Portugal's eagerly-awaited match was a dud. News from elsewhere cut Spain's game with Chile short. Fear not: the tournament starts for real on Saturday 

Stay For a Nightcap! - Laser Show Edition

Thursday's games brought us a Dustin Pedroia laser show, a Lamborghini Gallardo, back-to-back blown saves by Jonathan Papelbon, some Paris Hilton-esque performances, and the arrival of Matt Joyce. 

World Cup Thursday: Italian Implosion

The defending champions are out; the Blue Samurai make it two Asian outfits in the last 16.

Stay For a Nightcap! By the Narrowest of Margins

Brian Fuentes was a heads-up play by Juan Rivera / baserunning gaffe by Russell Martin away from potentially losing his job as the closer. Fuentes gave up a bloop hit with two out and runners on first and second. Juan Rivera had no chance to throw out the lead runner, but instead threw behind Russell Martin, who had rounded second too aggressively, and the tag got on Martin nanoseconds before the lead runner, Reed Johnson, crossed home plate.

MLB Notes

A look around the league:

Stephen Strasburg- NL All Star?

Should Stephen Strasburg be on the NL All Star Team?

Picks, 6/23/10

Season: 116-112, +6.74

World Cup Wednesday: Oh, you again.

England's legions of fans will spend the next three days studying the oh so intricate lyrics of "Ten German Bombers". The USA will renew acquaintances with Ghana in the Round of 16. 

Stay For a Nightcap! Even More Debuts.

The Astros are acknowledging the future for perhaps the first time in the last 10 years, calling up Jason Castro and Chris Johnson.

Tuesday World Cup: Au Revoir, les Enfants

France are going home; Desailly and Hitzfeld open up; for all the grief I've been giving goalkeepers, Tzorvas the Greek gave an epic performance today that had all the elements of a Sophocles tragedy.

Picks, 6/22/10

Season: 112-119, +5.1 units.

Stay For a Nightcap: Mean to Regressions

I've Got Your Regression to the Mean, and You Can Shove It:

- Livan Hernandez, 7IP, 8H, 1ER, 1BB, 5K.

Wild World Cup Monday

We start on a desperately serious note. Thanks to Diego Maradona, we end on a silly one. I even worked in a Lady Gaga reference. It's all inside.

Stay For a Nightcap! - Father's Day Edition

This Father's Day Nightcap comes with Rookie of the Year talk, Alyssa Milano, porn-staches, Jefferson Airplane, nicknames, the 'Stro Show, Twitter, a vote of confidence, golfer Dustin Johnson, and Maury Povich... see, now you have to read it.
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