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Premier League Week in Review

Headlined by a clash of the titans between Arsenal and Manchester United in North London, the Premier League finally got back to a full slate of action this weekend, and there were plenty of intriguing story lines to follow as the January transfer window prepares to slam shut.

Green Gets Suspended for Hit on Frolik

Admittedly things aren’t quite as rosy for Mike Green right now as they were last year when he was a runner-up to winning the James Norris Memorial Trophy, but that doesn't mean the world is ending for the Washington Capitals defenseman.

Should David Lee have been an All Star?

David Lee is averaging 20 points, 12 boards and 3 assists per game.  He shoots 56% from the field and 79% from the line.  He wasn't chosen to be on the All Star team this year...should he have been?

What Lies Beyond Hernandez and Lee?

The Mariners possibly have one of the finest top two starter combos in all the majors and it is quite exciting for their prospects in their chase for the divisional title, but what beyond those two guys will help the Mariners or your fantasy teams in that quest?

Never Too Late

Can some mediocrities become stars later in their careers?

Early 2010 NFL Mock Draft

RotoWire staff and colleagues got together today at Mock Draft Central for a very early NFL draft. Standard scoring, 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 FLEX, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D. Here are the results:

RotoWire Again Leads Fantasy Award Winners

RotoWire won the most Fantasy Sports Writer Association awards and the most overall awards at last week's Fantasy Sports Trade Association conference.

Here's an article on the event:

RotoWire Dominates FSWA Awards

Here's a breakdown of all the awards.

Shift Starters for Round 2 of Farmers Insurance Open

There's a big difference between the two courses being used this weekend.  Be sure your Friday starters are playing the easier course.

LeBron James Should Not Endorse McDonalds

James signed a multi-year deal with McDonalds today, no doubt making him that much less able to spend all his money than he was yesterday. Don't get me wrong - I'm not against people getting filthy rich, and I would not apologize if it happened to me. I'm not even against (well, not strongly so) an out-of-work actor getting $100 K to do a McDonalds commercial - if the dude needs the money. But why on earth is it cool for James - who does not need the money - to put his considerable talents, charisma and popularity behind a brand that's causing contributing to heart disease, cancer and diabetes at epidemic rates (and also contributing heavily to our health care crisis)?

Huet or Niemi? Who's Number One?

Logic dictates that Cristobal Huet is the number-one goaltender in Chicago, ahead of back-up Antti Niemi, mostly due to the facts that he was the team’s huge free-agent acquisition two off-seasons ago, he has played more games, and he has more experience. However, look below of the surface and you just might find an argument for Niemi.

MLB Notes

I hope Joey Votto ends up on a bunch of my teams this year. His overall numbers were suppressed last season since he took some time off dealing with depression, and while his BA is probably due for a bit of a dip, Votto possesses serious power potential. He more than held his own against lefties (.329/.400/.531), and over his final 104 at-bats last season, he posted a 20:22 K:BB ratio. Votto is just 26 years old with barely 1,000 career ABs, so the best is yet to come, and a true explosion could occur in 2010. He’ll bat in the middle of the order in a good park for hitters, and he’s also capable of adding 8-10 steals as well. Despite all the turmoil with his personal issues and it being just his second full season in the bigs, Votto’s .981 OPS last year was the fourth-highest in all of baseball. There’s a big-five at first base who will be ranked ahead of him (Pujols, Howard, Fielder, Teixeira, Cabrera), but there’s no way I’m putting any other over Votto, so don’t make the mistake of taking Justin Morneau, Kendry Morales or Adrian Gonzalez ahead of him.

LeBron James: Improving on Wow

We all know LeBron is good, but scarily enough, he's only getting better.

Trade Deadline: Be Careful What You Wish For

Adding a key player to an NBA rotation at midseason isn't as simple as a fourth starter or an outfielder.

Hockey Notes

What a crazy season from an injury perspective or the lack thereof. Marion Gaborik isn't hurt, Tim Connolly is healthy, Martin Havlat is fine. What are the odds one or more of them goes down any day now? Hard to say, but I know I'd be pretty nervous if my season depended on their health. Meanwhile, what was thought to be a one or two week time frame for Semyon Varlamov has morphed into nearly two months. Varlamov hasn't played since Dec. 7. Theodore has picked his game up lately, but at least Varlamov won't have to worry about Michal Neuvirth, who has cooled off since a red-hot start.

NFL Title Game Observations

First off, I can't pick a winner against the spread to save my life this postseason - I'm 1-9 so far. Honestly, none of the results has been surprising to me - I'm just choosing between two competing story lines, both of which I find valid, and picking the wrong one. Consistently. If you want to fade my pick in the Super Bowl, you'll be betting the Saints as I don't think I can go against the Colts who have been so much more consistent than New Orleans.

NFL Notes

A look at the Conference Championship games:

Championship Game Blog

Okay, let's get the party started. Feeling the Jets, or does Indy end it here? Ready for pinball in New Orleans?

Zach Randolph vs Al Jefferson

Over the last couple years, there was no faster way to make a Timberwolves fan mad at you than to ask one simple question: what makes Al Jefferson different from Zach Randolph?  Ooh, that would get them hot.  But this year...right it still an insult for Big Al to be compared to Randolph?  Randolph is the centerpiece of a shockingly good Grizzlies team.  Randolph has a big groundswell of support to be an All Star this year.  And now, Jefferson is the one coming off of major knee surgery.  In fact, which of these two would you rather have on your favorite team?  What about on your fantasy team?

The Jekyll-and-Hyde Habs

If you are a Montreal Canadiens fan, you probably caught Saturday night’s 6-0 whitewash of the New York Rangers. But, then, you probably also caught last Sunday’s 6-2 loss to the same New York team, which arguably was the Habs’s most embarrassing game of the year. So, to a team that for whatever reason has clear-cut identity issues, which is it???

Beltran Fallout Compounded

Last week I discussed all the options the Mets had or could opt to acquire via free agency to replace Beltran on a temporary basis. I went into that blog thinking they would probably have to seek an improvement on Angel Pagan, but upon further analysis realized that while best suited to being a fourth outfielder, he plays decent defense and does enough offensively to justify getting the nod to hold the centerfield position for a month or so while also noting that there were outfielders who did not have jobs and could be signed on the cheap.

Pau Gasol or Chris Bosh?

When I think of the best power forwards in the league under age 30, Chris Bosh and Pau Gasol both come to mind.  In fact, it is hard to think of one without the other since they have so many similarities.  But which is better?  Which one would you rather have on your fantasy team?  What about on your real team?

Are the Nets REALLY that bad?

Things may look bad now, but this team will be good in a few years.

Early MLB Mock Draft

The Staff got together for a quick 5 x 5 10-team mock draft today on Mock Draft Central (which in the interest of full disclosure is now part of RotoWire).

The positions were 2 C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, CI, MI, 5 OF, U, 9 P. The results are below:

Here Are Some NL Guys On My Radar Screen

Yesterday I wrote about some American League players I am looking forward to watching this season. Here are a few National League guys I really find intriguing for the coming season.

These AL Guys Are On My Radar Screen

There are some players that really interest me for the coming season. We all know the "stars." I think these players have some real hidden value.

MLB Notes

Clayton Kershaw is just 21 years old, tossed more than seven innings in just one of his 30 starts last season and had the second-worst BB/9 (4.79) in all of baseball last year, and yet I’m having a hard time not ranking him as a top-10 fantasy starter for 2010 (his current ADP rates him as the 23rd SP). His .274 BABIP helps explain how he kept his ERA low (2.79) despite so many walks, and while that number is likely to raise some this season, the fact remains Kershaw is simply tough to hit (he held opponents to a league-low .588 OPS last year, as hitters slugged just .282 against the southpaw). His fastball is already one of the best pitches in the game, and his curveball has the potential to be not far behind, and playing in the NL West is also advantageous. After the All-Star break, Kershaw posted a 10.85 K/9 mark (Tim Lincecum led the league with a 10.42 K/9 over the full season), and his control also improved. A Cy Young isn’t far away.

Robinson, Hill Give Knicks a Boost

With his usual rotation dragging from over-use, Mike D'Antoni is turning to Nate Robinson and Jordan Hill for a shot of energy and athleticism.

Cormier Hit Rocks The Hockey World

If you take a look it, you will see Patrice Cormier, who captained Canada’s latest entry in the World Junior Championships, come off the bench and head straight for Quebec Rempart Mikael Tam, his elbow outstretched as he lay out the incredibly late hit in the neutral zone. Following the hit, Tam lay on the ice, motionless for a few moments before seizing uncontrollably and then being taken off the ice in a stretcher. A definite suspension awaits Cormier. The question is for how long.

The Year of the Foreign-Born Forward?

Why 2009-2010 has seen the resurgence of the young foreign-born forward.

Why Darrelle Revis Should Have Skipped DPOY and won MVP

In the interest of full disclosure, I hate the Jets and am sick of all the Revis talk. But in this "arena league" environment (as Peter Schoenke put it), who's the true outlier, MVP Peyton Manning or Revis?
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RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
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