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Pay Attention to Opposing Defenses? Or just the Celtics

In my last Hoops Lab I suggested paying attention to the opposing defenses when setting your starting line-ups.  Specifically, I suggested keeping an eye on the Celtics, Cavs and Spurs.  Five days into the season, how is that philosophy panning out?


The following is nothing more than me getting random thoughts off my chest, some about sports, some not:

Why Fantasy Basketball is Better Than Fantasy Football

It's just more fun.

The year with no Heisman favorite

This was supposed to be the year of the "Big 3" in regards to the Heisman Trophy. Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and reigning Heisman winner Sam Bradford. They were considered by most far and away the favorites. Now, Bradford is done, and Tebow and McCoy are struggling mightily. Additionally, nobody has really stepped into the void. This year, we're over half of the way through the season and nobody has stepped up as a solid, definitive Heisman favorite.

DVR's Gold Sheet

By popular demand, I've included an additional set of picks for the Week 8 slate. Enjoy, but remember that just because I would do it doesn't mean it's a good idea.

Instant Replay in MLB

There are plenty of good arguments for and against the use of instant replay to call close plays in Major League Baseball. The one Buck Showalter offered on SportsCenter last night was neither.

New Fantasy Football Show on FX

So...did anyone watch THE LEAGUE last night?

Late Round Foreign Invasion?

In the late rounds of one of my biggest drafts I noticed that my queue was filled with foreign players that we have been waiting on for the last few years: Yi Jianlian, Nenad Krstic and Danilo Gallinari.  One game into the season, is it too early to say that they have arrived?

Buy Low on the Sixers

All of the blowouts on Wednesday night made it hard to discern how well players will fare in fantasy this year.  However, one team showed their true colors, and it wasn't pretty.

World Series Game 1 Live Blog

I really like the idea of putting Ben Francisco in left and putting Raul Ibanez at DH. I'd recommend doing the same with a right-hander on the mound for the Yanks. Though the Phillies might be tempted to get Matt Stairs' bat in the lineup instead.

Opening Thoughts

The NBA season is finally upon us, so let's move past all the preseason speculation and delve into Tuesday's freshly baked batch of games. Even though opening night called for a short order of four games, there was plenty of action and a fair share of fantasy-relevant observations to take away.

My First Hoops Draft in Three Years

I've taken a bit of a sabbatical from NBA fantasy leagues, having not played the last three seasons. It's a combination of a lack of bandwidth - I'm in so many baseball, football, hockey and college football leagues, I just don't have the time to properly play - and a lack of passion for the NBA.

Yankees Vs. Phillies-A Great Series--See My Point?

When Cliff Lee was traded, the world around Cleveland Indians fans changed dramatically. Now they get to watch Lee and C. C. Sabathia square off in what could be one of the finest World Series in recent memory. Balance. These teams have balance. And their very much alike.

Opening Night

Really nice win for Washington and new head coach Flip Saunders Tuesday night, going into Dallas and leaving with a 102-91 win over the Mavericks. The Wizards flew under my radar during training camp and preseason, but they looked ready to make the Southeast Division one of the best in the league in 2009-10.

NFL Notes

A look around the league regarding Week 7:

Can I get a Mulligan?

On yesterday's RotoWire Fantasy Sports Hour radio show, I predicted Blake Griffin would be rookie of the year.


Week 7 Observations

  • If you drafted upside players like Miles Austin, Michael Crabtree, Chris Wells or Shonn Greene, it was nearly impossible to keep them through the early part of the season, but now it's paying off. I dropped Austin who I drafted in three leagues, and Crabtree in one, but I did hold onto Greene in two. With Leon Washington out for the year, and the Jets likely to rein in Mark Sanchez, Greene should be one of the better timeshare backs in the league.
  • Replacements

    Now we're stuck with the 60 individuals who are best at officiating NBA games. I guess I feel better about the resolution of the NBA's lockout of its referees, but frankly, on some level, they aren't much better than replacement level. Okay, maybe that's a little hyperbolic, but I think we can all think of head-scratching calls, some of them game-deciding, over the years.

    Manny Acta Hired By Indians

    The Cleveland Indians have announced the hiring of Manny Acta as their next manager.

    Week 7 Live Blog - Fantasy Factor Lineup

    We're now partners with the folks at Fantasy Factor, and they have a number of weekly and daily games.

    Evaluating the Free Agent Class: Third Base

    This week I am taking a slightly different slant on the market for third basemen assessing each team’s needs and their potential interest in third basemen this off-season.

    Rookie rankings revisited

    Two months ago I gave my opinion on this year's rookie class as fantasy prospects.  Here is a quick update on how I see it now.

    Hall of Fame WRs

    Continuing the theme from some previous posts, let's take a look at the active WRs who might wind up in Canton.

    Where to Rank Michael Beasley?

    Michael Beasley had a bit of a disappointing rookie year, but if he continues his trends with respect to Kevin Durant he could be in for a break-out year.

    Jeff Fisher wears Manning jersey

    Jeff Fisher is getting some backlash for wearing a Peyton Manning jersey at a charity event this week. 

    NFL Notes

    A look around the league regarding Week 6:

    Krypto-Nate vs. Lou Williams

    A friend recently presented me with a keeper league question: who to save... Lou Williams or Nate Robinson?

    It's About Time the MSM Caught on to Joe Torre's Act

    Finally, a major media outlet dares to question Joe Torre's record over the last decade. Yahoo! Sports' Jeff Passan is one of the few that doesn't mindlessly parrot the conventional wisdom, so it's not surprising that he authored the column - even if it is two years after many of us had been saying the same thing.

    Week 6 Observations

  • How good is Chris Johnson? He rushed for 128 yards in a 59-0 loss. So much for the favorite announcer stat (used to justify the supreme importance of the running game) where every time running back x gets 100 yards, his team wins. Luckily for me, I got the Titans at +60 due to some late line movement.
  • Epic Quarterback Fail

    This is how bad it got yesterday... if I had started Derek Anderson and his 3.97 fantasy points, I would have significantly improved my team's performance.
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    Is he right?

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