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RotoWire NBA Mock Draft

The RotoWire/ Expert Draft took place on Tuesday, September 29, in one of's first-rate draft rooms.

Standard 8-categories: PTS, REB, AST, BLK, STL, FG%, FT%, 3PM.

Roster reqs: C, C, PF, F, SF, SG, G, PG, 2U, 3 B.

NFL Notes

A look around the league regarding Week 3:

RotoWire Poker Tournaments

RotoWire has added a poker area to our web site. Play poker for free with our downloadable software.

It's free.

To get things started, we're having a a few no-limit, hold-em poker tournaments this week. There is no entry fee.
The winner of each gets a RotoWire T-Shirt.

Here are the upcoming tournaments:

Thursday Oct 1, 9pm EST
Password to enter = RotoWireWK4Th

Sunday Oct 4, 9pm EST
Password to enter = RotoWireWK4Su

Registration is 6 hours prior to each tournament.

It's open to anyone, but we should have a good group of RotoWire members and staffers.

Once you download the software, go to "Tourney" and then "Private" to enter.

We tried to have our first tournament last week on Sunday, but managed to screw up the times and some other issues. We apologize for any problems. Hopefully we'll get a good crowd this time. Let us know how to make it better!

The Madness of College Football

By the nature of the sport, college football is often prone to crazy things happening during the season. Huge upsets, wild fluctuations in rankings, and of course all the BCS nonsense. However, this season after four weeks has the feel of one of those particularly nutty seasons. How many top ten teams have already gone down? There's been a lot, and there are plenty of more chances at upsets. What could be even more upsetting to the foundations of college football, however, might be who doesn't lose.

Yankees Earn Home Field in AL Playoffs

Congratulations to the American League Eastern Division Champion New York Yankees. Home field advantage belongs to them in the American League as long as they remain in the Playoffs

Hall of Fame QBs

I realize this is a passing era, but it seems there are more potentially great quarterbacks in the league today than at any time I can remember.

Boozer to the Bench?

As he opened training camp, Utah coach Jerry Sloan let it be known that he hasn't settled on a starter at power forward. Will he move Carlos Boozer to the bench?

Week 3 Observations

The Saints got nothing from Drew Brees and his receivers, yet still won by 20 on the road. Give some credit to Dick Jauron for rarely targeting Terrell Owens or Lee Evans, his two best offensive players.

Dunleavy Done Before He Even Began

An MRI has revealed a Grade 2 strain in a ligament behind Mike Dunleavy Jr.’s left knee on Sunday that will force him to miss the entirety of the Pacers’ training camp.

Week 3 Live Blog

Another week is upon us, we've finished sifting through the early game-time decisions. Some other questions remain:

Have You No Shame, Seahawks?

Today is a dark day in Seahawks history. Actually, it'll be a bright day -- but for the worst reason imaginable. The Seahawks are wearing these hideous, ugly, untraditional, ridiculous, immature, undignified and just plain goofy neon green jerseys today. It's a complete mockery of all that is noble about sports, football and the NFL.

RotoWire Poker Tournament

RotoWire has added a poker area to our web site. Play poker for free with our download able software.

It's free.

To get things started, we're having a no-limit, hold-em poker tournament this Sunday (9/27 - today) at 8 Pm CT. The winner will get a RotoWire T-Shirt.

The password to enter is:   RotoWireWK3

It's open to anyone, but we should have a good group of RotoWire members and staffers.

Once you download the software, go to "Tourney" and then "Private" to enter.

Breaking Down Jason Marquis

This off-season will be no different than any other off-season as starting pitchers coming off of solid seasons will attempt to parlay this success into multi-year contracts.


The following is nothing more than me getting random thoughts off my chest, some about sports, some not.

Now It's A Sprint To The Finish Line

Now It's A Sprint To The Finish Line

RotoWire iPhone App

RotoWire has released an update to the "Fantasy News Center" iPhone app we first released in August. Version 1.1 cleans up a few things, such as correcting a flaw in the sort order of player updates, adding more info to the players (team designations, etc.) and a color scheme that reflects the web site.

You can download the app at the iTunes Store.

Name These Two Players

Player A was widely considered a first-round pick in drafts this season, while Player B typically went in the third or fourth round. Both players play in hitter's parks, and both play the same position. Let's look at their stats for 2009:

It's Been Quite A Week In Baseball

Congratulations to the New York Yankees, the first team to qualify for the Playoffs. It was a total team effort.

Early Experts Mock Draft

Geoffrey Stein from Mock Draft Central recently hosted an early mock draft with some industry pros. It was a standard 12-team league draft with 15 rounds. The scoring system was field goal percentage, free throw percentage, points, treys made, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks.

The Best Team Almost Never Wins

Forget the Yankees' weak back-end starting pitching, Joe Girardi's shaky managerial tactics or any nebulous concerns about the team's state of mind.

The biggest reason to bet against the Bombers, or any team with the best record in any season comes down to simple mathematics.

NFL Notes

A look around the league regarding Week 2:

Week 2 Observations

Sample size caveats still apply, but only half as much as for Week 1.

Milton Bradley Is Suspended And Other Matters Of The Day

Cubs management today (Sept. 20) announced that Milton Bradley has been suspended for the remainder of the season for negative comments he has made about Cubs fans. Thus, another chapter in the saga of Milton Bradley may have come to a conclusion.

Week 2 Live Blog

Wes Welker's Game-Time Scratch is the big one for me this week. It's so hard with the Patriots to gauge how serious an injury is.

Bring on the Hot Stove League for Mets (Conclusion)

Last week I continued my breakdown of the Mets, covering the rest of the infield, and discussed ways they might go about their 2010 and beyond team building plans. Today we cover the rest of the roster.

The Designated Hitter-Changing Of The Role

The American League's Designated Hitters have traditionally been booming bats nearing the end of their careers or defensively deficient guys with the ability to hit. That may all be changing. Some DH's are as comfortable as an old shoe. But even old shoes are replaced.

NFL Betting Strategies

It's well known the betting public prefers favorites to underdogs, and in that case you'd think there would be a slight advantage to picking them - because Vegas would have the incentive to move the spreads ever-so-slightly to favor dogs.

Seeing Reds

Has anyone noticed that the Reds are getting really cool? Sure, they're still coached by Dusty Baker. And sure, they still play their home games almost literally a stone's throw from Kentucky (a state whose influence certainly can't be a positive one). But point your internet browser to RotoWire's unrivaled, up-to-the-minute team depth charts and checkity-check what's going on there: young, interesting players are invading the Reds starting lineup. To wit:

And Down The Stretch They Come

It's still a bit too early to make predictions for the Playoffs. However, some interesting situations have taken place in the last week or two that keeps baseball talk alive and well. Let's review a few:

NFL Notes

A look around the league regarding Week 1:
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What I Think You Should Know About The USMNT
Needless to say, it's been a great World Cup thus far. The USMNT having some success would be awesome.
La-La-La-L.A. Gets Lord Stanley!
Just a few things that caught my eye:
  • Alec Martinez's Cup-winning goal celebration? # priceless. I wonder if he'll ever get his gloves back.
  • Henrik Lundqvist stopped the 50th shot of the game. He couldn't stop the 51st. #connsmythe if the Rangers had found a way to come back in this series.
Do Analytics Take the Fun Out of Sports?
Apparently that was the topic of one of the presentations at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston last week. The presenter, Yale's Edward Tufte, opined:

Don't let people tell you analytics are reductionist and take the joy out of sports. They mostly just take the stupidity out of sports.

Is he right?

RotoWire's AL LABR Squad
The 2014 AL LABR auction went down at the Arizona Republic offices in downtown Phoenix Saturday night. It's a 12-team, 5 x 5, AL-only league with 2 C, 1 1B, 1 2B. 1 3B, 1 SS, 1 CI, 1 MI, 5 OF, 1 U and 9 pitchers. Everyone has $260 to spend.
The Problem With Drafting Billy Hamilton
Billy Hamilton went for $28 in the NL LABR auction this past weekend. I discussed this with a fellow writer who participates in Tout Wars with me later this month and we discussed the problem with investing heavily into Hamilton.

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