20-team All-120 Draft Results

First of all, here are the results.

The format is QB/QB/RB/RB/WR/WR/TE/Flex/K/DEF. The scoring is non-PPR. I had the 17th pick, snake draft.

Here's what I ended up with:

QB1: Brandon Weeden, Oklahoma State (57th overall)
QB2: Dan Persa, Northwestern (106th overall)
RB1: Michael Smith, Utah State (66th overall)
RB2: Allen Bradford, USC (97th overall)
WR1: Ryan Broyles, Oklahoma (17th overall)
WR2: Aldrick Robinson, SMU (26th overall)
TE: Lee Smith, Marshall (217th overall)
Flex: Lennon Creer, RB, Louisiana Tech (137th overall)
K: Caleb Sturgis, Florida (257th overall)
DEF: West Virginia (186th overall)


Wes Kemp, WR, Missouri (146th overall)
Jeff Van Camp, QB, Florida Atlantic (177th overall)
Temple (226th overall)
Tyler Bass, QB, Memphis (266th overall)
James Green, WR, Toledo (297th overall)
Jewel Hampton, RB, Iowa (306th overall)
D.J. Harper, RB, Boise State (337th overall)
Jermaine McKenzie, WR, Memphis (346th overall)
Anthony Miller, TE, California (377th overall)
Darron Thomas, QB, Oregon (386th overall)

I really like what I ended up with. I think my WR and RB depth is quite excessive, though, so I think I might find myself trying to trade from those positions to upgrade at TE or DEF.

Although I have Aldrick Robinson ranked as my No. 1 WR, I went with Broyles first because I figure most people don't have Robinson ranked as high as I do. Luckily, he fell to my second pick, and now I think I've got two top-five receivers. Oklahoma's schedule is brilliant for Broyles and Robinson will be the leading contributor in what should be a nuts SMU passing attack.

I'm also really confident in my running backs. Michael Smith inherits the role in a Utah State offense that led to 18 touchdowns for Robert Turbin last year. With Turbin out for 2010 with an ACL tear, Smith should be similarly good, though not quite that exceptional. Still, I have him ranked as a top-five running back and love the value at where I got him.

Allen Bradford is a beast of an athlete for USC and given the way Lane Kiffin used Montario Hardesty at Tennessee last year, I think Bradford is in for a good season. He can't catch passes like Hardesty did, but I expect 1,000 and 10 on the ground.

Lennon Creer is a former Tennessee transfer who should be a major mismatch in the WAC. I really like having him in the flex spot. Jewel Hampton will also be good for nice numbers this year given the apparent departure of Brandon Wegher. Adam Robinson is a nice player for Iowa, but coach Kirk Ferentz gave very high praise for Hampton recently and I expect him to approach 1,000 and 10 this year.

I took mostly gambles at the quarterback position, but I'm confident they'll pay off. Brandon Weeden will play in an offense engineered by former Houston offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen, and he has the talent to make the most of it. I'm not expecting Case Keenum numbers, but I am expecting 4,000 yards and 25 touchdowns.

Dan Persa is a relative unknown, but so was Mike Kafka last year. Persa might be an even better runner than Kafka was, and I think he'll be a good fit in Northwestern's proven passing system. If he isn't, Jeff Van Camp is great insurance. He was brilliant after replacing the injured Rusty Smith last year, and he inherits a full-time role this year. If Tyler Bass can stay healthy, I love his potential as a QB4.

Finding Darron Thomas at my last pick was a surprise for me. I didn't make room for him earlier, but taking him at 386 is no risk at all but brings potentially huge rewards. I think he'll eventually win the starting Oregon quarterback spot, and he has the athleticism to be (2009) Jeremiah Masoli-lite. He might even end up being one of my starters.

I went cheap at tight end, but I still have Lee Smith ranked No. 4 at the position. He's under the radar after putting up just 335 yards and no touchdowns last year, but people are overlooking two things. First, he's a former Tennessee transfer. He has BCS and maybe even NFL talent. Second, he put up last year's numbers as the second tight end in the offense. The No. 1 tight end, Cody Slate, put up 607 yards and four touchdowns in just 10 games. Smith should go off this year.

Caleb Sturgis is my No. 1 rated kicker, so finding him available very late in a kicker run (some went as early as round 7--I really advise against such things) was a no-brainer pick for me.

I wish I had more firepower at defense, but I think the combo I have is good enough for me to play whichever one has the better matchup in a given week and do well. West Virginia's defense is definitely tough, and though Temple will get overmatched by its BCS competition, it can beat up on its in-conference opponents.

I was disappointed to learn after the draft that special teams touchdowns apparently aren't counted for defenses, as Temple had four returns for touchdowns last year. Still, they totaled 34 sacks, 27 turnovers, two blocked kicks and three touchdowns last year, so I love Temple's ability to disrupt.

I can't lie, I'll be pretty disappointed if I'm not in the top five teams in this league at the end of the year.


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